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A Page for saving money, giveaways, couponing tips, and any other ways to save money!!!

There are some affiliate links on this page which means with your purchase I make a small commission at no extra cost to you, Thank You!


Positive Parenting has been so incredible in helping me becoming a better parent. I am much less stressed and I am happier, and so are my children!! How incredible is that?




I don’t do too much online shopping but when I find a good kids clothes deal and I have earned $21 dollars back so that’s nice. I take the money and put it in a piggy bank for the girls! If you did a lot of online shopping it would be a great way to get some money back without doing anything extra! Plus if you use my link you get $10 back on your first purchase of $25!


I love Ibotta! This is by far my favorite way to get money back! Especially when I can pair deals with coupons! You have to hit $20 in rebates before you cash out to paypal but it is totally worth it! Sometimes I can cash out every month and sometimes I can’t. Not to mention it is so easy to use. Scan or take a picture of your receipt and scan bar codes on the product.

saving money

I wanted to crop out the time, but I swear every time I take a screenshot the time and battery are the same!!! I have been using Ibotta for a a few months now and I am so happy with what I have saved. The weekend bonuses have been my biggest money maker. I do most my shopping at Aldi or I would have more earnings!

For Bloggers


This site connects bloggers with brands! It is a great tool for companies to find you for paid reviews! Sign up and fill out your profile and that’s it! So easy to do. Then you get paid for clicks and depending on your following will depend on how many clicks they want from you and how much you get paid.

Ultimate Bundles

This site is my favorite! It is a great resource for bloggers in many ways! You can make sales of incredible bundles from Bloggers toolkit to essential oils! You can also add your e-books and other resources to a bundle if it fits your niche! There are evergreen bundles that are open for months and then flash sales that last a few days! They have banners you can add straight to your blog or advertise on social media!


By far my favorite affiliate program to date. They have lots of stores making them a great fit for every niche. It is easy to make links and share on Pinterest or in a blog post. MagicLinks has both pay per click and pay per order which is such a nice mix. Becoming Majestic is my goal so it makes it kinda fun as a challenge!

Monthly Sweeps

  1. 13 days of Cra-z-art giveaway, you can go back and enter any day you missed! I won one day last year!
  2. Maxi-Cozy 12 days of giveaway. Go back every day for an amazing giveaway
  3. Crayola giveaway ends December 9th
  4. Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaway
  5. Outside Online is doing a giveaway every weekday till the 18th! So enter daily
  6. Simplay3 Cottage, runs until the 8th
  7. SheSpeaks 12 days of giveaway starts Dec. 3rd