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Why do babies twiddle while breastfeeding

If you have breastfeed a baby over the age of about 2 months you have no doubt dealt with twiddling, pinching, rubbing, and hitting. Some babies are more insistent on needing something to play with and instincts push them straight to the nipple, but why? There are affiliate links in this post! That means if …

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Breastfeeding Tops to Make Breastfeeding in Public Easier

I have been breastfeeding for over 2.5 years now! I always just did the 2 shirt method but then I tried my first shirt with easy access for breastfeeding and I was sold. It was so much easier and I wasn’t overheating or struggling to keep my tank top down. Or lets face it remember …

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Starting a Bullet Journal: What Stencils and Supplies Will You Need?

Have you thought about starting a bullet journal? I know it has been on my mind for a few months and I have really dove in to find some amazing products and dialing down what all I want in my journal! I can be a bit of a space cadet so when I want to …