refreshing cucumber salsa recipe
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Refreshing Cucumber Salsa Recipe

Refreshing Cucumber Salsa Recipe It’s that time of year!! Garden produce, farmers markets, meaning cheaper produce but what do you do with it all? If you plant cucumbers or tomatoes you know some times the classic recipes can just get boring. And sometimes you have so many dang cucumbers you can’t possibly think about making …

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What I wish someone had told me about breastfeeding before baby was born

Picture this: You just labored for 36 hours, pushed for 3 hours, and was then rushed to emergency surgery because your babies heart rate was over 200 paired with your fever was the fear baby was in shock. You here her cry after being in pain and throwing up during surgery and your suddenly in …

book project series
Book Project Series

Toddler Homeschooling Curriculum: Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish

So here we are week 2! What book did Adella pick? It is a classic and one of my favorites for rhyming! Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish   Toddler Homeschooling Curriculum: Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish This is a fun one! Full of rhymes which lead to giggles, but …