how to make fake snow. easy diy toddler busy activities
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How to Make Fake Snow and 5 Other Winter Sensory Bin Ideas

If you live where it is just incredibly cold 2 months out of the year like we do then you understand the cabin fever! My kids and myself included are not the biggest fan of the cold. So we do try to get outside but it doesn’t last very long. And then when we see …

Pregnant women side shot
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10 Pregnancy Journal and 20 Bullet Journal Ideas

Pregnancy is such a fun time, well once you get past the morning sickness and before all of the aches and pains. But really is is still amazing through all of that. You are growing a human…. and it is magical. I have fallen in love with bullet journals and I think a pregnancy journal …

How to keep your toddlers busy when it is cold and snowy or raining outside
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Gift Ideas for Active Toddlers- Indoor Play Structures

Indoor play structures are the perfect way to burn off some energy when you have an active toddler. We have long cold winters and without an outlet the energy build up can be exhausting for everyone. This post contains affiliate links which means with your purchase I get a small commission at no cost to …