The best books to give at baby showers including classic books and new book. Not to mention baby books that will make you cry
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20 of the Best Children’s Books to Give At Baby Showers

Requesting baby books at baby showers instead of cards is really becoming a common practice and I LOVE it! You can still sign the book, it will be held on to for much longer than a card, and for years to come the family will have books given by the people that mean the most! …

DIY binoculars for toddlers made with pipe cleaners and toilet paper rolls. a great way to reuse some toilet paper rolls instead of throwing them away.
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DIY Toddler Craft: Toilet Paper Binoculars

Toilet paper rolls are taking over our craft supplies cabinet! So much TP! Joys of potty training and a one year old who thinks running with toilet paper is best thing since learning to walk…. and living with a man. I swear he uses more toilet paper than anyone else haha. I ate to just …

breastfeeding during pregnancy is exhausting but it is so incredible
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How to be Successful Breastfeeding with the Milkology Breastfeeding Class

I have said it before and I will say again and again breastfeeding is hard! It is natural and it is such a beautiful experience but dang it is hard work. And how do you know what to? Are you doing it right? Can it be easier? Is it suppose to be this hard? The …

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Fall Sensory Bin Activities for Toddlers

Fall is slowly becoming my favorite season! I have always loved summer, but it is way more fun to go outside when it isn’t 90 and humid when you have to chase kids around! Plus, fall means apples and pumpkins and so many fun family friendly activities like sensory bins. Related Post: Must Do Family …

Breastfeeding while pregnant can be done and it can be so rewarding when you get to tandem nurse

Breastfeeding During Pregnancy: Your Questions Answered

So you just found out you are pregnant but you are still breastfeeding or you are trying to get pregnant and are still breastfeeding. And you are filled with so many questions. Can I get pregnant while breastfeeding? Can I actually breastfeed while pregnant? Will if effect the baby? How will I feel? What will …

save money on electric bill
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ComEd Hourly Billing – How to Save Money On Your Electric Bill Every Month

I don’t know about you but money saved is money earned in my book. If there is a way to save some money I want to give it a whirl! When I got the pamphlet in the mail about ComEd’s hourly billing and that anyone who’s bill is over $50 has to potential to save …