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Fine Motor Activities For Toddlers Using Big Beads

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Have you heard of fine motor skills and their importance in your child’s life?

Fine motor skills are when you use those small muscles like the ones in your hands and fingers. These skills are important and will be used for your child’s entire life. These skills will be used for things like using scissors, knife skills, and even hand writing.

Encouraging your child to work on these skills is easy and can be fun! Always remember early learning doesn’t have to be hard for you to set up, or work for your child. It is simply play time that works on new skills!

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Fine Motor Activities For Toddlers Using Big Beads

There are so many options when it comes to fine motor activities for toddlers. Play doh is by far our favorite and the possibilities are endless!

play doh busy activity for fine motor skills

Activities for toddlers at home

If you are a stay at home mom you can quickly feel like you are running out of things to keep your toddler busy especially if you are in the midst of winter.

Let me tell you I get it. We have not only had one of our snowiest winters but have had broke records for the coldest temperature ever and coldest for March. It has been a very LONG and rough winter. We have been feeling coped up for while now.

Sensory bins are a great activity for toddlers to do at home that can be thrown together quick and offer variety. You can just throw some dry beans or rice in a container with cups, spoons, and muffin tins for a fast busy activity.

sensory bin with beans, two toddlers play in bin

For even more fun add in some farm animals, letters, shape toys and other small toys to find.

You will have to remind yourself that a mess will be made and to not stress over it! And remember this is a great time to teach your child how to help clean up.

Fine motor skills activities

As I said early we love play doh it is perfect for imagination and strengthening those hand muscles. But that isn’t the only fine motor skill activity that is perfect for those little toddler hands.

All of these are activities that your toddler can have fun doing and learning with out feeling like they are learning! Even the most stubborn I do what I want and when I went to toddlers. (Ask me how I know)

Big bead stringing

Stringing beads is not only fun can makes some great jewelry! Of course when your child is just one they may not be ready to string beads on to a string, but those aren’t the only options!

With big bead you can use pipe cleaners instead of string. This makes threading easier because the string isn’t flopping around it is stiff and easier to put through the hole.

They can even just put the bead down on the table or floor and put the pipe cleaner through that way making it even easier to achieve.

Seeing the success and happiness on their little faces is so much fun, so don’t forget to cheer on those little milestones and remind them of how proud you are.

Finding joy in early learning, a toddler playing with big beads and pipe cleaners


Including older siblings in early learning

Early learning is a fun time and including older siblings will not only help them feel included but will encourage the little one to try new things that the older siblings can do.

Every heard monkey see monkey do?

It is so true. Watching an older sibling do something gives the little ones new ideas and the courage to try something new.

It can be hard to be the oldest and having to share the time with a younger sibling, but if you take the extra time to include them in what you are doing with their brother or sister it becomes a fun time for everyone. This also works on playing together and showing them that it is okay to share and work together at something as opposed to doing everything apart from each other.

One on one time

Just like it is a great time to share play with your children it is also a great way to have some one on one time with your child.

What is one on one time?

It is when you set aside the time to do something with just one of your children. This helps fill your child’s love bucket and need for attention and can be done in just 10 minutes.

The changes that can happen with your children’s attitude when you do this is incredible. I have wrote a whole post on the importance of one on time and I share some more ideas on what to do with your children.

Fine motor skills activities for toddlers. picture of beads, string, and pipe cleaners

Your child may decided to stack the beads instead

If your child doesn’t want to thread the beads but would rather stack them, let the have at it. Stacking blocks and other things are also great for fine motor skills and you are giving them the chance to show you what they can do.

Most of the time children do not play with toys the way you would want them to or how the toy was intended and that is totally fine! They are exploring the things around them and figuring out the limits of a certain item.

This how your child shows curiosity and learns about their surroundings.

Other pipe cleaner crafts

Pipe cleaners are the perfect craft supplies! Not only can you do fun fine motor activities but you can also make many different crafts! And you can take them apart and do different crafts!

We made some of the cutest binoculars by reusing some old toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners. They are beat up now, but are still played with weekly.

DIY binoculars for toddlers made with pipe cleaners and toilet paper rolls.

I also have a list of fun pipe cleaner crafts for different seasons and holiday to correlate learning with crafts!

Fine motor skills activity supplies:

Why you should do fine motor skills activities with your toddler

Not only do these skills carry on in to adult hood but they are a great use of brain energy. Your child needs to work his or her brain every day to not only learn new things but to also help burn energy.

Variety is key when it come to challenging your child and keeping your toddler busy for more than 5 minutes. Believe me I know this can be hard to do!

My girls do not keep on one task for very long so keeping options open does tend to help. They also don’t really play with their toys which makes me go a bit crazy and my house a mess because they just throw things around and drag stuff out but never play with it.

This would be a time I would just go outside get some fresh air and give my girls a change of scenery. It is amazing what fresh air can do for a person!

How often do you do fine motor activities with your toddler?


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