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Failing Doesn’t Make You a Failure – Gestational Diabetes

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You got that call where they tell you “you failed” your glucose test. The words ring in your ear and you set up your 3 hour test and hang up.

What happens next?

Tears, fears and what ifs.

If you are like me you are sobbing, and questioning everything you have ate in the last week. You worry about handling gestational diabetes on top of everything else you are dealing with.

I am here to tell you those feelings are okay, and they are normal. But I am also here to say you will be okay.

Failing Doesn’t Make You a Failure – Gestational Diabetes

I think it goes with out saying I am not a medical professional I am just a mom who wants to share my story of gestational diabetes with you. I am not going to go in to depth with what gestational diabetes is and what you will need to change in your diet to keep your blood sugar level.

In order to learn about what gestational diabetes is you can read about it at Mayo Clinic and to learn what your diet needs to look like your doctor will refer you to a diabetic educator and a nutritionist. Fun right more appointments!

Failed one hour glucose test

Your one hour needs to be under 140 and even just a 141 will mean you need to take your 3 hour test. I failed my one hour with a 188. Yikes!

I saw that in my online chart and the tears started to flow again even more than when they told me I had failed. Why?

yes, I failed but I am not a failure

I was only 16 weeks this times because I had gestational diabetes with my first, but not my second, and it was looking like I was going to have it again.

I cried thinking about how high my numbers must be during the week when I am eating carbs like they are the only food on this planet.

I cried thinking about my sweet baby growing inside of me and me not doing the right things for them.

These feelings are real, but I am doing this test to figure out how to be better for my baby. Yes, I failed but I am not a failure.

3 hour glucose test

Before this test you have to fast and I can say I was hungry and really wanted to eat. Then you drink that lovely drink and feel so sick. Oh so sick.

I had brought some crochet projects with me and just wanted to enjoy the little break from my children. You know those sweet toddlers who I would never need a break from….

But I just couldn’t think to crochet, I didn’t even want to sit still.

It really was rough. So instead I just watched HGTV and laugh at their million dollar budgets but refusing to move a sink to make a bathroom flow better because it was going to cost $1,000.

My doctor office send off blood to the lab so I had to wait to see how the test turned out.

I had my 3 hour test on a Friday and I saw my results were in my chart on Sunday. I looked and knew I had failed. You only have to fail one hour and I failed 2 of the 4.

This time it was some tears and some anger, okay it was a lot of anger.

I didn’t want to worry about what I was eating when it was hard enough to get in a proper meal with a 3 year old and a 1 year old.

I didn’t want to have to poke my finger, or go to more appointments and to make it worse I started to question if I would get my 2VBAC.

Fears causing anger

I had so many fears and they were leading to me getting angry…

  • big baby
  • induction
  • c-section
  • fighting for my VBAC
  • medication
  • personal doubts

Failed your glucose test? How to handle the feeling of failure with gestational diabetes. You have not failed your baby and will be an amazing parent.

I had a c-section with my first and I was just fearful of having to fight to not have one this time around. I know that they won’t induce me because I’m a VBAC and I know that it is common to not want moms to go to 40 weeks when they have gestational diabetes.

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I know that I was jumping the gun with all my fears, but I just couldn’t help it. But I also know that gestational diabetes is not the end of the world.

Gestational diabetes is not that bad

Beyond all of my crazy fears, having gestational diabetes isn’t awful. Yes you have to limit your carbs, but it isn’t that terrible.

I have found a way to enjoy the food that I can with out totally missing what I shouldn’t have. I do miss eating all the bread and pasta I can enjoy. And not to mention the sweets man do I crave the sweets, but I try to not 100% limit myself and work those sweet carbs in to my diet.

Look at that yummy breakfast and I was so full afterward and could have still had another tortilla and been with in y limits. What about pizza?

Well I love pizza and I’d love to eat a few pieces but that is not an option right now. So I enjoy one piece and have other food with it not just a pizza meal!

The key to having carbs is making sure you are also having fiber and protein with those carbs. I have been limiting my carbs more so than I normally would because I have been sick and my blood sugars tend to be a little weird when I am not getting enough sleep or feeling well.

I tend to reach for chicken as my protein because it is cheap, lean, and versatile.  I love to buy it on sale and freeze some meals or marinated chicken.  

The best part about this is if I keep it up I will be ready with some freezer meals for when baby arrives!

Need some chicken inspiration? Check out this post of over 170 family and budget friendly meals! 

In conclusion

Failing your glucose test is hard, and hearing that you failed can really bring you down. Whether you can be diet controlled or you need insulin you have not failed your baby, you are doing what is best for your baby.

It maybe a little hard at first but you will get use to it and in the end you will end up being a healthier person with healthier food choices.

In need of more support?

I have created a new Facebook group just for gestational diabetes mamas. Please join and we can share our struggles, triumphs, and tips.

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