Expecting Baby Number 3

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Hey everyone! I wanted to write a little family update for all of you! As you know I have two girls who are now 3 and 20 months old! They are crazy and totally wear us out but surprise we are expecting baby number 3!

I wanted to write a post and let you all know how first trimester went and how I am currently feeling and what the future hold for us as we plan to be outnumbered in just a few months!

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Expecting Baby Number 3

Man let me tell you we are so excited to have another little baby and my oldest (Adella) is super happy to have another baby. But I can not help to think about the level of exhaustion that is bound to follow adding another little one to the family.

With baby number 3 on the way there are some pregnancy worries and fears that you just can't help but feel. How to handle them and stay stress free

First Trimester

With my first two I had a lot of morning sickness that even went in to the second trimester and I was not looking forward to being sick with two toddlers. But I some how managed to dodge that bullet this time. Does that mean this time we will have a boy? Who knows! lol

Oh was I tired though. I’m already living off coffee thanks to my youngest (Delta) who doesn’t know what it means to sleep past 3 in the morning. And it is not like she wakes up and is just snugly, no she wakes up she is ready to eat and play. Since my partner works overnights I get just 5 hours maybe 6 hours of sleep if I stay up after the kids go to bed.

So since I needed that extra sleep for me and baby I was going to bed with the kids, meaning the house didn’t get the love it needed but I got some sleep! It sucked going to bed by 6:30 but man some night I couldn’t even keep my eyes open.

Nerves and worries

I have had 3 losses of babies before I had Adella and so I spent the first trimester worried about the health of baby and how I would handle it with the kids. The joys of being mom, you worry about things that haven’t even happened, and may never happen.

I’m also much more active this time around cleaning up after two kids and playing and chasing them to prevent some cabin fever and us all going insane.

Then there is self care and making sure that I fought through the nausea and actually ate some food. And actually remembered to feed myself and not just the kids. It was a bit harder than I’d like to admit.

We did finally announce our pregnancy now that I am 16 weeks pregnant. We did a Bears themed announcement after a sad playoff loss. This is about as good as it got after meltdowns from overly tired kiddos and disappointed parents.

football fan pregnancy announcement. 3rd baby pregnancy announcement

Second Trimester

So here we are made it to the second trimester and baby is doing great. I am not nauseous any longer but I am still rather tired. I have been fighting headaches on and off for weeks now which have been exhausting.

I had to take an early glucose test at my 16 week appointment and I got a call back that I failed. I’m devastated. I had gestation diabetes with Adella and I didn’t have it with Delta. I was really hoping I wouldn’t have it again this time around.

Of course the mommy worry sunk in again as I start to think about everything I will have to do, what could go wrong, and having to fight for my 2VBAC (vaginal birth after a c-section). I had a successful VBAC with Delta and it went perfectly.

  • spontaneous labor
  • med free
  • just 5 hours of labor
  • and less than 20 minutes of pushing

Having gestation diabetes would mean the threat of bigger baby and having to fight them to let me labor, they won’t induce but I already know they will want me not go to 40 weeks. I was induced with Adella at 40+3 and after 36 hours of labor (40+5), she was 8lbs and 4oz. With Delta I went in to labor at 40+2 and she was 8lbs 1oz.

Logically I know that I shouldn’t worry I did good with my blood sugar numbers the first time and I can do it again, but this time I have to do it with 2 kids. I’m a bit overwhelmed and I’m not sure if I have it yet.

What are we doing differently

With the other two we found out what were having at our 20 week ultrasound, but this time around we are team green. I am super excited about it, but Luke is not! I wanted to be team green as a surprise especially since this could very well be our last baby!

Adella is 100% convinced that this baby is a girl too! She won’t even acknowledge that it could be boy. But she also says there are two babies, and the two ultrasounds I have had say one baby! The other day she said one baby had wings and was flying… I teared up thinking about my angel babies watching over my kids.

Car seat

We will be just going straight to a convertible car seat instead of doing an infant seat. The reason I am doing this is because I can’t hold two hands and a car seat. Since it will be summer and I don’t have to worry about cold, windy, snow I will just put baby in a carrier as soon as we get out of the car or at the park use our double stroller.


Since we will have 3 kids in rear facing car seats or Toyota Camry is not going to cut it! This means we will be needing to get a bigger vehicle. I come from a family of 4 kids and we had a Suburban as a kid. But we are going to get a mom car!

Yeah, I’m going to be a mini van mommy! I’d be lying if I said I was totally thrilled about the situation but I know it is the smart way to go. Since we are a one income family we will be buying used so I have been shopping around for some good deals for a little while.

Overall feelings

I am feeling better this time going into adding a new baby than I did when I was pregnant with my second. I already know that I can love another baby just as much as my other kids and that it will be hard but we will be able to do it.

I know people have more than three kids and are happy and doing good and that we can do that too! It is of course going to be a change we are going to have to figure out. We don’t use schedules so I am not worried about that, and it will be summer so we will be spending our days outside and at the park. 

I am worried about my garden. I’m due in June, we plant in May here. I am going to have to keep up on caring for it and than canning, dehydrating, and freezing. Oh man these thoughts are very stressful.

How many kids does your family have and how has it gone as you add more to the family?

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