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Chicken Freezer Meals for Busy Moms

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Cooking is often the hardest thing for me too keep on as a stay at home mom (sahm). Some days I just don’t want to cook because I finally got the kitchen clean. And then some days I just don’t have the energy or I can’t find the time.

Sound familiar?

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 Chicken Freezer Meals for Busy Moms

Chicken freezer meals are the best fast meals that are also budget friendly and easy. As a busy mom freezer meals are a life saver. #cooking #budgeting #savingmoney

Some days I find myself wanting to do nothing but be in the kitchen and on those days I take advantage and do some extra food preparation to make it easier on myself. Often times this means making up some freezer meals for the next month or so.

Chicken is usually our protein of choice since it is cheap, easy to use, and my kids will actually eat it. Because lets face it if I say it taste like chicken nuggets they just might try it!

How to make freezer meals

The first thing you are going to need is some good gallon size freezer bags or a food saver. I don’t have a food saver but oh boy is it in on my fun tools to have list… oh yeah I have that list included on it is a freeze dryer, air fryer, and robot vacuum!

Ok, lets step away from my weird list collection…

You can then go super simple and just season the chicken with salt, pepper, garlic, or what ever seasoning is your families favorite so that when you take it out of the freezer it is ready to cook. I love lemon pepper on my chicken and squeezing some fresh lemon on it when I cook it.

I cut all my chicken breast in half because each chicken breast is usually close to 4 servings and then they cook faster. You can read more about the serving break down in this post.

prepping chicken for freezer meals

I label my bags, add the chicken to each and than add my seasonings. Once they are all ready to go if using regular bags I get as much air out it as possible and than put all the bags of chicken into a gallon bag to put in the freezer. This provides extra protection and keeps all the chicken together and not lost.

seasoning chicken for freezer meals budget friendly freezer meals

But I have also come across some yummy recipes that just might become some family favorites!

Freezer meal recipes

This Apple Maple Chicken Dump Recipe by Freezer Meals 101 sound incredible. It reminds me of a fall recipe that would be great paired with some rice and veggies. Rice is great for batch cooking and making ahead of time to use for the week.

This chicken cacciatore freezer meal is by Freezer Meals 101 and sounds incredible. I have never had cacciatore and to be honest it has always sounded so intimidating but this recipe is simple and would be great to add to your freezer meal list.

Lemon chicken is one my favorites! Lemon just adds so much flavor and it is fresh and satisfying. This is another recipe by Freezer Meals 101 and would be another great recipe to have with rice! This lemon garlic chicken dump recipe is perfect for a few meals. This means in the short few minutes it takes put it together you have 2 or 3 meals in the freezer ready to cook and eat for a busy weekday.

Freezer meals 101 just might be my new favorite site! Here is a great BBQ chicken freezer meal that is sure to satisfy! We make our own BBQ sauce and I love BBQ anything! This is perfect for a summer night meal or for a party!

This chicken teriyaki is the perfect from frozen to cooked freezer meal. Cooks up in just 6 hours in the crock pot making it great to start in the late morning and eat for dinner. This recipe can be found on One Hundred Dollars A Month.


Chicken Marinades

Chicken marinades are a great way to prep multiple meals quickly and right on budget. You can than eat some chicken right away and freeze the rest for later use.

Have you ever marinaded chicken before freezing it? It is incredible! And just think of the possibilities you can bake it, throw it in the crock pot, or even grill it!


This post of 5 easy chicken marinades by Carmy has some unique marinade flavor combinations that are certain to delight your taste buds.

  • Greek
  • Lemon Paprika
  • Rosemary and Citrus
  • Vietnamese
  • Chipotle lime

These sound incredible right? I have a package of chicken and I am going to make the lemon paprika and Greek! But come summer chipotle lime will be on the menu!

Cooking can be easy

Seriously if you take the time to prep some food, just an hour one day a week you can have a freezer full of meals in no time. And suddenly your family is eating home cooked meals, you are saving money and saving time!

I do prefer to cook my veggies fresh but if you use frozen veggies just throw those in with your chicken and really have an easy dump meal. You can even get your kids involved in pouring ingredients in and suddenly it is a family fun project.

Don’t forget to do your meal planning to save even more time. I have compiled a list of over 170 chicken recipes sorted by cooking method to help make meal planning easy!

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When to meal prep

Meal prepping is something I find fun and is perfect for preparing for the arrival of a new baby, for your return to work, or when busy sport seasons arrive.

But for me I just get in the habit of using half my package of chicken to meal prep and the other half to cook for current meals! The best part is you can do it how ever works for your family. If that means doubling a recipe and freezing some than do that!

When the baby comes life is going to change but that doesn't mean you can't eat good homemade meals. Chicken freezer meal recipes are the way to go. You can prep before baby and just dump than in the crock pot or instant pot for fast healthy meals. #baby #foodprep

In conclusion

Buy some extra chicken when it is on sale and prepare your family some freezer meals for when you are busy, prices go up, you got too little sleep, or well you just don’t feel like cooking!

It will save you time, energy, and money and as a busy mom what more can you ask for?

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