How to Survive Morning Sickness with Toddlers

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If morning sickness wasn’t bad enough while you are pregnant now you are on your 2nd, 3rd, or more pregnancy. How do you survive morning sickness with toddlers running around too?

I am now on pregnancy number 6 but this will be my 3rd baby! Thankfully I have officially survived the first trimester and made it through the morning sickness with two toddlers! Psst.. we haven’t full on shared but I am due with number 3 in June!!!

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Pregnancy with toddlers around can be exhausting while you try to keep up and if you have morning sickness it can be even harder. But you can survive morning sickness while being a stay at home mom


How to Survive Morning Sickness with Toddlers

Pregnancy is hard and having toddlers is hard and then we put those two things together and you might be wondering what have I done. Why are we having another? Am I nuts?

Well, maybe.. but in the end it will be worth it! My first two kids are just 19 months apart and the next one is due a month after our youngest turns two so they are close in age too. I would be lying if I said I never thought why we decided to do this again.

But you can survive! And so will the kids!

Sleep when the toddler naps

This is the one time I will suggest sleeping when the kids to! Actually in my tips for new parents post I suggest not to sleep when they do! HAHA Anyway, if that means going to bed at 7pm then go to bed at 7pm. We both know you will be up to pee, struggle to get comfy, and the kiddos will wake you.

So sleep while you can. The house work can wait!! The mess will always be there but your sanity and energy won’t. It may be hard to let it go but you need to rest to be the best!

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You need to snack

While it is hard to stomach food and you may think you can’t you have to. Small snacks and keeping something in your belly can help combat the nausea and you need the nutrients. The baby will take what it needs from your body and you will be the one to suffer.

You have to take care of yourself! Even if it is just a few crackers and a sip of water to get you through the morning than that is what you have to do. For me toast with a bit of butter and some sugar a cinnamon worked. It gave me fiber, filled me up, and some sugar!

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Keep the toddlers busy

So you can relax you need to keep the kids busy. This can be crafts, activities, going outside when the weather is nice, or going places.

We love to craft and do activities especially in the winter:

Early learning

If your family can afford it getting your kid in to a daycare or preschool for a day might be just what you need to refresh. This is not an option for every family, ours included so we do our own early learning which is great to get their minds working.

I will say it doesn’t have to be hard! It really doesn’t for toddlers and preschoolers every experience is a learning one because there is always something new! I have 8 weeks of early learning activities to get you started.

  1. Tractor Mac 
  2. Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish
  3. Trains 
  4. Click Clack Moo
  5. Fireworks and Flags
  6. Animals and free memory game
  7. Why do Camels have Eyelashes
  8. All about fall

Get help when you can

Whether the help is from your spouse or a family member. If someone offers to help you take it! I have a major pride issues and struggle to let others help me but it is something I am working on this year.

If you have some amazing mom friends I know they would be willing to take your kid so you could get a little rest or come and provide some company to give you some sanity!

This is part of it takes a village! And just like she would for you, you would for her!

A mess is ok

Whether you are trying to survive morning sickness and keep your toddler busy or have a total loss of energy you have to prioritize. This means the housework just might have wait and it is ok! Your kid won’t care and you have to take care of yourself.

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And dinner? If you have to survive on chicken nuggets and hot dogs then so be it! I will say meal planning and freezer meals have been a total life and time saver but we have our fair share of pizza and snacks for dinner.

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In conclusion

Don’t stress the little stuff! These few weeks are survival mode meaning just make it! Keep everyone fed, happy and alive and worry about the rest when you are feeling better and have more energy!

I look forward to the second trimester with you and hope for more energy, less tears, and more fun!


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