9 Parenting Goals Every Parent Should Have

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So you are a new parent or a veteran parent and are trying to create some parenting goals for yourself and for the betterment of your children.

What kind of goals should you strive for to help your children grow up to be the best adults they can be? How can you reach those goals?

9 Parenting Goals Every Parent Should Have

As I sit here I can not believe that in 5 months I will have a 3 year old, 2 year old, and will be 8 months pregnant with our third. Life will never be the same and we will be out numbered for ever!

One thing I know for sure is that I need to have parenting goals especially as a SAHM. I need to have something to work towards.

These parenting goals would also be perfect for New Years resolutions for parents without being “stop yelling” or “have more fun.”

New years parenting resolutions that aren't just "stop yelling" or "have more fun" these resolutions can change the way your parent and help your kids grow in to amazing adults.

1. Teaching your kids how to maintain a household

Yes I am talking about doing dishes and folding laundry! Why? Because one day they will be on their own and you don’t want to still be doing their laundry do you? I know I don’t!

I’m not saying have them do it all, but teaching them how to do it and then doing it together!

When to start? Right away!

My 1 and 3 year old both love to help me switch laundry and push around the baskets. My 3 year old loves to try to fold the towels and help open the drawer to put stuff away.

Check out this post for more household tasks your toddlers can do

2. Encourage your kids to find their passion

This one is very important to me! As a kid all I ever wanted to be was a mom. I never had any other dream jobs or passions I wanted to pursue.

I want my children to find what they love and to help them pursue it! No matter what it is or how crazy it may sound! But how?

We plan on homeschooling and on top of typical class subjects I want to have a different topic every month based off what the kids show interest in. Whether that be a certain animal or planet! This way they have the joy of learning something they want to learn and about and get the chance to decide what they love.

I want whatever career they choose to be something they are passionate about and love to do every day!

Promote a love of learning

Going about learning this way is a great way to promote a love of learning. Your kids will get to learn about what they want to and will love to explore everything about that topic sparking a passion that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Parenting goals are a great way to start working towards helping your children be better people and for you to feel like a better parent. Setting goals can be hard when you aren't sure where to start but with this list of 9 family goals you can get some ideas.

3. Teaching kindness

I finding teaching my toddlers kindness to be such a fun time. Not only am I teaching them but I am remembering my own love of showing others kindness. I don’t just mean being nice to others but really spreading kindness.

It is easy getting them in to it because all you have to do is talk about it. And when you do something explain how good it made that other person feel and how good you both feel after doing your act of kindness.

Examples of acts of kindness even your toddler can do

  • take back a cart for someone at the store
  • pick up trash
  • make get well cards to give to friends and family when they are sick
  • say something nice to someone
  • make treats for someone (we love to make cards and treats for our garbage man)

4. Empathy and respect for others feelings

Empathy is a trait that I have may too much of. Is that even a thing?

Example: I cried this winter because some roads were closed to do drifting. Why did I cry? Because of all those people who couldn’t go any where and the shear number of those people who also didn’t have power. I cry for people I don’t know and feel those emotions they are feeling. But at the same time I feel the joy.

Watching someone win something or have an amazing life changing event brings on tears of joy and an overwhelming feeling of happiness. I can’t help it.

I want my children to understand how their actions can effect someone else and how some respect can go a long way. I want them to be able to think about how they would feel if the same thing happened to them.

But I don’t want them to feel it the way I do. Why? It is exhausting. And I often don’t think of my own feelings in the process. It is important to respect yourself and your feelings as well as others.

5. Money management

Learning how to handle bills and paying them and saving is hard! It is not taught in school and is essential for adults. Of course your child won’t understand all of that right away but you can teach them how to save their money by understanding how much money things cost.

What is the easiest way to do this? Let them save up for some toy they really want. This way they can understand how much work goes in to making that money and saving it up takes time.

I do not believe in paying kids to do chores because those are household tasks that everyone in the household needs to do for the house to keep running. So this money would have to be birthday money, holiday money, or made from helping family or neighbors.

Another great way when they are a bit older is grocery shopping. Making a list, budgeting out a week worth of meals, and then buying those items.

Then as they get older you can share with them how to pay the bills and give them an idea of how much everything cost so they don’t have a total shock when they move out on their own.

6. Exploring the world and other cultures

It can be such a fun experience to explore how differently people live and eat in other parts of the world. While you may not be able to afford to travel there are books and movies that you can read and watch to get an idea of other parts of the world.

Another great way to explore other cultures is to find a pen-pal. I had one when I was a kid who was the same age as me and also had a sibling who had Down Syndrome so we right off the bat had something in common. It was so much fun to wait for that letter and then to get to write one!

7. Be happy with who they are

This is so important!!! I want my girls to be happy with who they are and they way they act  no matter what any one else thinks. I never want them to feel they need to change to fit in. Because that is just not how it should be.

This is at home too. If we go outside and my kids want to play in the mud and mix water with mulch or grass than I let them have it. They are having fun, exploring their surrounding, and getting some sensory input.

let your kids explore nature

And we start this right away by not expecting our toddlers to act a certain way in public. My youngest is crazy, she doesn’t sit still well, gets antsy, and just wants to go go go. And that is okay. I go in to trips, restaurants, church, and doctor appointments knowing she will probably drive me nuts!

My oldest loves tractors and she loves dresses and twirling and both of those are perfect fine. We encourage her to be excited to share her passions while looking pretty! But I am certain to tell her that she doesn’t need makeup, her hair done, or pretty clothes to be beautiful. She now says “my heart is beautiful”!

It is okay to have fun in public

Another way I help encourage my kids to be happy with who they are is we are goofy in public. My oldest likes to pretend the Grinch is getting us. So the day we were running in the store while she was yelling “he is coming for us”!

Sure we looked goofy but you know what anyone who saw us had a smile on their face and we were told “Merry Christmas” by people would otherwise not have said anything to us. Which my girls loved.

And guess what they were happy and giggling and I was happy and it made the last stretch of our trip much more enjoyable.

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8. Enjoy the time we have with people when we have them

We only have so much time with the ones we love and I want my kid to know that they need to enjoy what time they have with those who mean the most to us. This means setting aside that time to go see them.

You have to put them as a priority and make them important. I love that I have my grandparents around and that they have got to meet my kids. I lost my great grandma when I was in my early 20’s and it was so hard to know I have no more time with her.

I still cry often because I miss her. She was my best friend. My youngest daughter is named Delta after her and anything I have of hers that she made I am sure to talk about and share with the girls because they never got to meet her.

These people can influence so much in our lives and they can teach you so much!

9. Gardening

This may sound weird to some of you but being able to grow your own food is such an important skill! We garden every year and have some fruit trees. I want gardening to be something my girls have a passion for and love.

We now can and dry our own food and I love what that provides for my own family. It may be hard work but it is totally worth it.  And teaching your kids how to grow their food sparks a passion of a love for that food. My oldest lives on cherry tomatoes and peas the whole summer! HAHA

gardening with kids

With a love for gardening I want to share with them my love of nature. The animals and the plants and doing what you can to preserve it.


We may not all have the same goals but I hope this post gives you some ideas and helps you narrow down what kind of parenting goals you want.

What kind of parent do you want to be? And what kind of traits, values, and morals do you want to pass on to your children?

I challenge you to make a list of parenting goals and share a few in the comments.



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