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How to Make Fake Snow and 5 Other Winter Sensory Bin Ideas

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If you live where it is just incredibly cold 2 months out of the year like we do then you understand the cabin fever! My kids and myself included are not the biggest fan of the cold. So we do try to get outside but it doesn’t last very long.

And then when we see negative temps… yeah I’m not going out in that!

So what do we do? Sensory bins, fake snow, and crafts shoot anything to keep them busy and me sane for a bit!

We do have some children’s museums that are about an hour away that are fun to go to on occasion but not something we get to often since the 1 year old can’t stand car rides!

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Making fake snow is such a fun way to bring the outdoors inside with out all the cold fingers and runny noses. It makes the perfect winter sensory bin and has provided my kids with hours of fun. Not to mention some great sensory input and learning how to make snow balls and snowmen and making them use their imagination. #parenting #earlylearning


How to Make Fake Snow and Other Winter Sensory Bin Ideas

The fake snow is so easy and cheap to make and we have had ours for a few days and it is still moist so I am not having to make it over and over.

We did have fun making it though. Miss Adella has always loved to cook so she enjoyed getting to mix everything and help scrape it out almost as much as she liked playing in the fake snow.

Fake snow the perfect diy craft

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Supplies needed to make fake snow

I don’t know if you are ready for this?

homemade fake snow ingredients

That is it! simply mix it together until the baking soda is no longer dry and there you have it! We used Tresemme because that it was I had but you can use any kind of conditioner you just want it to be white so your snow is white!

This made my living room smell so yummy!

Sensory bin ideas with the fake snow

So I put down towels or you could use a big blanket to contain the mess from the fake snow. It does vacuum up really easy once it dries so you don’t have to stress about that!

I used our big container that we use for sensory bins and then put the snow in to small container inside that tub. That make sense? Probably not! So I’ll show you!

how to make fake snow. easy diy toddler busy activities

What toys to add to the fake snow sensory bin

We first played with the snow and made balls and little snowmen it was so fun since this last snow we had was not packing snow despite being 8 inches of drifting grossness! We did get to make snow angels though.

When we were done making snowmen I gave the girls some ice cream scoops, cups, spoons, and forks to explore more.

If I was thinking I would have gave them cookie cutters because that would have been so much fun, but hey that is an idea for next time!

5 other winter sensory bin ideas

  1. Wrapping paper and ribbons – we are actually going to hold on to the paper after opening presents just for sensory bins. You can give child save scissors or just let them rip it.
  2. Christmas ornaments – we have just kept a bucket of ornaments for the girls to dump and play with but this would work great for a sensory bin.
  3. Play-Doh with cookie cutters – we love play-Doh in our house!!
  4. Water play – it can be messy but it is so much fun throw in some glitter and some shatter proof ornaments and you have a fun festive sensory bin.
  5. Make cookies – while it may not be a bin it is a great sensory activity that also turns in to cookies!
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Our favorite sensory bin tools


What are your kids favorite sensory bins?





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