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DIY Christmas Ornament Using Old Canning Rings

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Every single year we make our own ornaments! When my first was just a baby I did a salt dough and made hand prints that I then painted once they dried. We did this two years in a row and they are still my favorite.

But now that the kids are older just doing a hand print is not nearly as fun for them so I have to change it up some.

I started to can this summer (amazing experience) so I have an astronomical amount of canning rings. I am running out of coffee cans to put them in so I needed to find some way to use them!

Mason jar lid made in to a Christmas ornament! The perfect toddler Christmas craft to make for DIY presents! Easy to make and reuse an old mason jar lid instead of it taking up space!

DIY Christmas Ornament Using Old Canning Rings

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We did this project over the course of a few hours since the paint has to dry. Which for me is a win because the kids don’t get bored and we can craft a few times in one day!

Supplies for DIY Ornament

  • old puzzle pieces (I got a puzzle at a thrift store)
  • old canning ring (or you can buy them for cheap)
  • red and green acrylic paint
  • glue (Elmer’s worked fine for us)
  • Yarn/string (we used brown hemp cord)
  • newspaper to avoid messy clean up
  • paint brushes
  • picture of your kid/s
  • scissors

Steps to make ornament

While is is rather self explanatory and I am merely here to provide the idea I will share with you the steps we took to get to our finished product!

Step 1

Paint the mason jar ring and the puzzle pieces. It is up to you if you want the ring red or green and then the opposite for the puzzle pieces. We did one each way so the kids Christmas ornaments are different.

I did two coats on the mason jar rings, but since you are just putting the puzzle pieces on top and it is hanging on a tree I think one coat would have been just fine.

A little tip on the puzzle pieces paint the back of the puzzle pieces (brown side). I learned this when we were doing our DIY fall decor tree project!

diy Christmas ornament. kids ornament. toddler ornament, toddler craft

Then let it all dry this only takes about an hour.

I apparently forgot to take a picture of our painted mason jar lid.

Step 4

Glue the pieces of puzzle to the top of your mason jar lid. You can leave as much or as little space as you like. I let Adella do her own and she was trying to squeeze all the puzzle pieces on the lid.

Set it in a safe place to dry. I let this dry over night to make sure the whole thing was dry and that moving it around would cause a piece to fall off.

Step 5

Glue the yarn/string to the top of the mason jar lid. I just used the Elmer’s for this too and it worked great. I will drop a bit of hot glue on it when I get my gun out just as an extra measure.

Let this dry over night again.

But it is hanging on our tree with no issues.

Christmas gifts made by toddlers. perfect DIY christmas gift, DIY Christmas ornament

Step 6

While the string is drying use another mason jar ring and trace the inside circle around a picture of your child and cut it out. Try to put it in the ring and trim down as needed.

Once the string is dry you can add the picture to the ornament. I did not glue the picture at all. It is in their tight and isn’t falling out any time soon.

I am just so in love with how these turned out and I can not wait to make more to give away as Christmas gifts.

Do your parents still have any of the ornaments you made as a kid?

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