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Children’s Books About Winter

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Seasonal books are so fun and make changing out your book shelf of children’s books easy and logical. You can learn about so many new things as the season change! I have already shared my favorite 20 books about fall and now it is time for winter books!

Not to mention these books make amazing toddler Christmas presents that are more functional than a toy! Books are so great for early learning and starting homeschooling your toddler.

Seasonal books for toddlers are the perfect way to introduce the changing of seasons. These books about winter and snow are perfect for children to learn about winter animals, snow, and enjoy some funny stories. Early learning starts right away and reading is the perfect way to start homeschooling.

Children’s Books About Winter

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The Story of Snow: The Science of Winters Wonder

This is the perfect book for early learning! Learning about how snow is made! What a way to peak some curiosity about winter.

All About Animals in Winter

Another great book for homeschooling your toddler! Any animal lover will fall in love with this book!

The Mitten 

An adorable book about a lost mitten and different animals climbing inside of it! Sure to be a quick favorite!

The Snowy Day 

A classic book about the first day of snow! I don’t know about your kids but my girls loved going out in the first snow! It didn’t last long since we aren’t use to the cold but they had so much fun! And this book captures just that.

Just a Snowman 

A fun filled day about a snow day and all that goes on before finally making a snowman! My 3 year old hasn’t made a snow man yet, since last year she didn’t like the snow but I am so excited to make a snowman with her this year.

Ten on a Sled 

A children’s winter song turned in to a book! The perfect book for the kid who also loves to sing.

Llama Llama Jingle Bells 

We love Llama Llama books in our house. Our poor Llama Llama Red Pajama has taken a beating but my 3 year old knows all the words and my 1.5 year old wants to read it like 5 times a day.

Curious George Curious about Snow

Curious George is always a favorite in our house. This board book is perfect for showing your toddler all of the cool things that you can see in the winter.

The Thing about Yetis 

This is an adorable book about Yetis love for winter but they can get cranky too!

A Loud Winters Nap 

Will the tortoise sleep through the night or will his friends get him to stay up and experience the winter?

I am still not ready to admit that winter is here even though we have gotten snow… like too much snow for it to still technically be fall for another 25 days!

The kids have been so excited to see the snow though! That does make the snow at least a little more fun!

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