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A Family Holiday Tradition that Starts Before Christmas

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I was never the lets put up tree and get all ready for Christmas. Actually I went about 5 years in my early 20’s without having a Christmas tree or any decorations. But once I met my fiance and he showed me his love of Christmas and all that it entails I have jumped on the decoration train.

Then you throw in two kids and the joys of Christmas lights and decorations take on a new meaning. The utter awe and excitement that they have over every little light, decoration, and Christmas tree is contagious. If you can’t see the smiles on their face and hear the “look at that” and giggles without smiling and falling in love with Christmas decorations again you might be broken.

A Family Holiday Tradition that Starts Before Christmas

Now the girls are both toddlers and can participate and show all of their joy in what we do I knew we wanted to start some family traditions. I had thought about so many different things and we have done the 25 days of books and will probably do it again this year but I wanted something with a bit more meaning and memories.

When to start Christmas family traditions

In my humble opinion right away! We didn’t do it our first year as parents as Adella was just a few months old and could have cared less what we did as long as she was clean, fed, and cuddled! But the next year we should have as she was 1 and would have just loved something.

Unfortunately, we had a family tragedy that kept us from doing much that year.

I do wish we would have taken more time to focus on those memories so my advice to you it so start as soon as possible and enjoy it!

Why you need to have family traditions

Doing something special every year creates amazing memories that your children will never forget! It something they will talk about with there own kids and will not only possibly do the same family traditions with their own children but will even start their own.

How amazing is that?

You get to start a family tradition that can go on for years and generations and will always be a memory of you. To me that is what being a parent means.

Having something your children loved so much that they do it with their own and share that joy with them!

Christmas is such a magical and special time for kids and having an amazing Christmas tradition you can start with your toddlers and do before the holiday stress is such an amazing way to make memories. Family holiday traditions create memories that can be passed on for generations and grow an amazing love for the holiday season. How can you start a family tradition stress free? and why should you?

Our Family Christmas Tradition

We have now done this two years and it is so much fun for everyone! I honestly am looking forward to it for next year already! And the best part? It takes place in October so we aren’t stressed with the holiday planning, cooking, and driving!

We have a local farm store Farm ‘n’ Fleet and every year they do Toy Land! This is 6 aisles of all of the hottest toys from books, puzzles, dolls, tractors, cars, and everything that is sure to be on someones wish list. They have the aisles closed off and covered so you can’t see it until they open.

So that day we go first thing, I mean waiting in line for them to open! Sure we were up before 6 am and the kids were tired but once we got to go inside and they saw the lights and we got to see all the toys they were wide awake and ready to scope it out.

family holiday traditions with toddlers. Christmas traditions with toddlers

We don’t buy anything but we walk and look and get an idea of what they want because they point at what they like and we make note of it.

But that isn’t all we do. We also go over to the ornaments and pick out a new ornament for our tree. So not only do we get that fun day, but we get to talk about it every time we decorate the tree and look at it.

Of course we end up with some funny ornaments! Last year it was a minion and this year well I don’t even remember but I think it was a dog… or maybe a tractor. Either way super random for our tree that has red, brown, and gold ornaments!

But memories we are making memories!

Tip: write the date on the bottom in permanent maker so you can remember what year you got them for the years to come.

Other Family Holiday Tradition Ideas

  • 25 days of books
  • Christmas Eve box
  • Drive to see Christmas lights
  • Make gifts to give to nursing homes
  • Caroling
  • DIY Christmas ornaments
  • Christmas Cookie Exchange
  • Toy Drive
  • Canned Food Drive
  • Bell Ringing
  • Collect and donate coats to homeless shelter

Check out this amazing list of 100 Family Christmas Traditions over at A Simple and Contented Life (we made the list)!!!

For me I want Christmas to not only have some amazing memories for my own kids but I also want them to want to create memories for others. Kindness and empathy for others is a trait I dearly want for my children.

I want the joy of giving to others and helping them when they are in need all year round. Because we have known what it is to be in need and struggle especially at Christmas and while she was too young to understand how rough it was for us or that others helped us. But it is something I will share with her and she will know happened.

Because of the generosity of others we got to have joyful time with our family with out stressing about food, gifts, and bills.

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  1. We do 12 Books of Christmas – basically a new book every day leading up to the big one. We also do a Christmas Eve pj set 😊. Thanks for sharing all your awesome ideas!

    1. becomingschultz says:

      We tried the 25 days of books last year and my 2 year old was NOT into it at all! 12 days sounds much better! I just may have to give that a go! My 1.5 year old loves books so I think it would go well, maybe!

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