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10 Pregnancy Journal and 20 Bullet Journal Ideas

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Pregnancy is such a fun time, well once you get past the morning sickness and before all of the aches and pains. But really is is still amazing through all of that. You are growing a human…. and it is magical.

I have fallen in love with bullet journals and I think a pregnancy journal would be a fun and unique way to track everything related to your pregnancy. Then you can give it to your child and it can be a fun baby book!

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The joys of bullet journals is they can be as unique as you. You can do as little or as much as you like.

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10 Pregnancy Journal and 20 Bullet Journal Ideas

On to the fun stuff! Below you will find planned our pregnancy journals and bullet journals that you can design for your own wants and needs. I will also be sharing some amazing bullet journal ideas for all of your pregnancy glory!

I seriously am disappointed I didn’t think about doing this for my other kids… shoot the youngest doesn’t even have a baby book, or a picture on the wall…. yeah I said it!

Pregnancy journals and DIY pregnancy bullet journal ideas. Pregnancy journal prompts perfect to get your journal started. #pregnancy #baby

10 of the Best Pregnancy Journals

All of these journals are designed just for pregnancy and birth. These journals are easy to follow along with and won’t take much time to keep up to date!

Not to mention they are fun and are great to keep those memories alive! Trust me you will forget as much as you think you won’t! By baby number 2 or 3 you won’t remember which kid you craved what with!

Bump to Birthday

This journal starts with pregnancy and goes through babies first birthday! Making it the perfect all in one baby book for just under $20! You will be prompted to capture some amazing moments and feelings of becoming parents.

From Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal 

In this pregnancy journal you will find a break down of every week. There is pages showing the size of baby that week, and prompts to keep track of how you are feeling. For only $15 this journal is a sweet depiction of the growth from a pea to a pumpkin.

Bump for Joy: Guided Pregnancy Journal

In this 144 page journal you will find prompts, check list, and spots for ultrasound pictures. For $20 this hardcover pregnancy journal is perfect for tracking feelings and struggles.

The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly

This journal is an adorable hard cover spiral for $14. There is a page for time-lapse belly pictures, cravings, maternity clothes and the joys of pregnancy.


Erin Condren Petite Planner, Pregnancy Journal

Erin Condren has some of the best planners and this pregnancy journal will not disappoint. For only $15 it is beautiful and functional.

Pearhead First 5 Years Baby Memory Book

This book includes 50 scripted journal pages and places for pictures. With spots from 1st to 5th birthday. Another amazing deal at $20 and would makes an awesome gift for a baby shower.

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Pregnancy Journal: My Belly Book

At $21 this pregnancy journal is my favorite! With 40 pages this one is designed beautifully and is full of bright colors. It comes with stickers and spots for pictures. This is the perfect pregnancy journal for the mom who wants to journal but not have 100’s of pages!

Pregnancy Journal: For Those Expecting 

This pregnancy journal has a break down of 42 weeks with plenty of blank pages to fill in how things are going for you. Sometimes it can help to write out your feelings that may be a little bit extra! HAHA Includes bonus relaxing nature sounds! For only $10 this is an amazing deal.

Pregnancy Journal: My Nine Month Journey 

This journal is beautiful and bright! For $20 it is another great deal. It comes with stickers and prompted journal pages to track and remember your pregnancy.

Hello, I’m Pregnant: A Pregnancy Journal 

This journal has funny prompts and plenty of room for pictures and sonograms. This is a modern pregnancy journal and will prove to provide laughs for years to come.

There you have it 10 amazing pregnancy journals! There is sure to be one that will suit your wants and needs and will help you hang on to those memories for years to come! And if you are anything like me tears too!!! No matter how had pregnancy may be it is such an incredible experience.

Pregnancy Bullet Journal Ideas

One Real Mom has an adorable post of her own pregnancy bullet journal with 6 different page ideas that she used in her own bullet journal. They are easy to do and don’t require stencils or amazing drawing skills!

Decade Thirty has some incredible clean cut bullet journal organizing ideas for all of the doctor appointments you will have. Including questions, results, and what to expect! I love this so you don’t forget any questions you may have no matter how small!

She also has an Etsy shop for planner printables!

Sara Baboo has some great ideas for tracking your mood, water intake, and need to do’s before baby arrives. Great one page ideas to fill in the blanks on your pregnancy bullet journal.

Page Flutter shares 4 pregnancy bullet journal trackers to prepare for baby and they are so cute! Her baby planner time line might be the best thing I’ve seen while searching for pregnancy bullet journals!

20 DIY pregnancy journal ideas


Need some better tips to handle pregnancy exhaustion? Tips for pregnancy exhaustion while home with other kids.

17 DIY pregnancy bullet journal ideas

  • baby names
  • weight (graph)

DIY pregnancy bullet journal for weight tracking

  • count down to due date
  • positive affirmations
  • baby check list
  • baby shower registry
  • baby nursery to do list
  • hospital check list
  • gestational diabetes tracker
  •  cravings
  • funny things that made you cry
  • belly measurements
  • sonogram pictures
  • belly pictures
  • baby shower gift list
  • what hurts this week
  • kick counter

Now that we have baby number 3 on the way and baby number 2 doesn’t even have a baby book I am thinking that doing a pregnancy bullet journal might be the better option. I can do it before I am overwhelmed with two toddlers and a newborn and it will still be a great way to remember this time in life.

I don’t know about you but pregnancy brain is real! And it is real hard to remember anything with out writing it down!

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