Crafts using pipe cleaners are a perfect mix of art and sensory play. Pipe cleaners are such a fun and cheap toddler craft supply. From fall crafts to Christmas Crafts this post has it all. Toddler fall crafts, Toddler spring crafts, DIY games, DIY crafts, DIY play toys
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Pipe Cleaner Crafts

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I love exposing my girls to new crafts, and to new craft supplies. Pipe cleaners are such a fun craft supplies. Pipe cleaners are fun to just play with. You can move them how ever you want and they are fuzzy not to mention they come in every color under the sun. Pipe cleaner crafts are perfect for toddlers and young children as wells as teens and adults.

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Pipe Cleaner Crafts

You are going to need some pipe cleaners for every craft on this list! Pipe cleaners are an easy craft supply to come by. You can buy them on Amazon, find the at Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn and often times your local small store will carry pipe cleaners too.

Spring Inspired Pipe Cleaner Crafts

The perfect crafts to get you out of the winter funk and ready for sunshine and fresh air

DIY Toys and Games

Fun toddler crafts to introduce some pretend play and teach your children how our crafts can also be toys! And that you don’t have to buy everything you can make it.

DIY toddler toys made using pipe cleaners! Not only do you get the fun of doing a craft but you also get a toy! Toddler crafts that then turn in to toys are such a fun way for them to learn we make things and don't have to buy them! princess crown craft, DIY finger puppets


DIY Fun Fall Crafts with Pipe Cleaners

Oh fall fun! Apples, falling leaves and Halloween. From bright apples to spooky monsters there are so many fun children’s crafts with pipe cleaners.

Fall Crafts using pipe cleaners are a perfect way to explore fall and all that the weather change has to offer. Halloween Crafts, Fall tree craft. This post contains 18 crafts that use pipe cleaners. Pipe cleaners are the perfect craft supply for every age. toddler crafts, preschool crafts, kid crafts, seasonal crafts,

DIY Christmas Decor

Don’t worry I’ll add more Christmas and winter crafts using Pipe Cleaners as I find amazing ones to share with you.

Ready to make an amazing DIY fall decor tree? Check out this adorable toddler fall craft.


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  1. What a great list of ideas! Can’t wait to have my kiddos try some of them next time we’re feeling crafty!

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