DIY binoculars for toddlers made with pipe cleaners and toilet paper rolls. a great way to reuse some toilet paper rolls instead of throwing them away.
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DIY Toddler Craft: Toilet Paper Binoculars

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Toilet paper rolls are taking over our craft supplies cabinet! So much TP! Joys of potty training and a one year old who thinks running with toilet paper is best thing since learning to walk…. and living with a man. I swear he uses more toilet paper than anyone else haha.

These DIY binoculars are the perfect way to reuse toilet paper rolls while doing an easy toddler craft that is also a toddler toy! You can make them your own by decorating them and getting even more of a quite toddler activity out of them. Then get outside and go on a hunt or take a family hike and see what you can find! DIY crafts, toddler fun, toddler craft, reduce, reuse, recycle

I ate to just recycle the toilet paper rolls and I have thought about making planters with them, but it is going to be winter so that will have to wait.

I have been doing so much canning the last few weeks and haven’t had to time to spend 24/7 with the girls like usual and Delta, said one year old, and Adella, 3 in less than 2 weeks, have been acting out. I know this is because they need my attention and I just haven’t been able to give them that time.

So tonight it was nice, cool and just a bit breezy so I thought it would be the perfect night to get out and do some of our must do list this fall and we did a little leaf hunt for our sensory bin. We quickly realized how chilly it was and came inside for sweaters and that is when I decided hey lets make binoculars for our leaf hunt.

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Toddler Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

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Craft Supply List

supplies for reusing toilet paper rolls to make binoculars for toddler to play with

So extensive I know! But it really is just that simple! I love a good simple craft that takes but 5 minutes and leads to hours of adventure, imagination, and fun.

Adella does know what binoculars are and has “used” real ones so she was beyond excited when I told her what we were going to make.

How to make Binoculars using Toilet Paper Rolls

First you will need to wrap a pipe cleaner around each toilet paper roll and twist the small end around the long side.twist pipe cleaners around the toilet paper rolls is step 1 in making binoculars for quite play for toddlers

Then put the two toilet paper rolls next to each other and twist the long ends of the pipe cleaners together. This makes the handle. It was fun to use different colors so the handle was like a candy cane.

twist the 2 pipe cleaners together

you could stop here but we wanted the diy binoculars to be more sturdy

You could stop here and be done but I found the toilet paper rolls were a bit wobbly and we all know toddlers aren’t the most gentle creatures so I decided to wrap an extra pipe cleaner around both of the toilet paper rolls.

twist the extra pipe cleaner around both toilet paper rolls to make the binoculars more sturdy and able to with stand the beating toddlers are bound to give

I then twisted the long ends until one was non-existent and then tucked the longer end in between the toilet paper rolls. You could have used hot glue for this but honestly it is not necessary.

DIY binoculars are finished. now for some outside toddler play hunting for leaves and flowers.

You could do all different colors or all the same colored pipe cleaners. And if you had the time you could have your kids paint or color the toilet paper rolls before putting the binoculars together. Or add some stickers afterwards.

These DIY toddler binoculars have been such a hit in our house. Adella wanted to take them to bed with her!

These would be great to take along while doing some Must do fall family activities or while collecting materials for some fall sensory bins. 

The first day we took ours outside and watched the cows and went on our leaf hunt. She had so much fun looking through them and putting the binoculars up to my face too.

Just watching the cows with her new binoculars from our latest toddler craft

Of course when we went outside the next day Adella insisted we take them outside again. So we used the binoculars to hunt for flowers and butterflies.

going on a flower hunt with our DIY binoculars

binocular craft for toddlers

Even Delta was excited to play with the binoculars. It’s a good thing we made a few pairs because she is not gentle with anything. But she was enjoying being like her big sister and having fun too.

crafts that pair as toddler toys are so much fun and these were so easy. such an easy craft for toddlers

What is better than a toddler craft that reuses toilet paper rolls, and then turns into a toddler toy! Not just a piece of paper that will be thrown away! We do plenty of those so I love the change of pace.

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Now I’m sure you all have toilet paper rolls or you wouldn’t be here checking out this craft (nothing against those who uses family cloth, just not my thing) but what if you don’t have pipe cleaners? They are easy to find. You can add them to an Amazon order for just a few bucks or maybe you are a Target shopper they have them too.

Pipe cleaners do come in large number packs but there are so many pipe cleaner crafts you can use them up in no time!

I would love to see how your binoculars turn out! And to hear what adventures you take them on!

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  1. What a simple yet effective craft! Toilet rolls are fab for crafts, they can be used in so many ways. Your girls look like they had lots of fun with their new binoculars!

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. x

    1. becomingschultz says:

      They are played with everyday! Simple cheap crafts is what I am about.

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