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How to be Successful Breastfeeding with the Milkology Breastfeeding Class

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I have said it before and I will say again and again breastfeeding is hard! It is natural and it is such a beautiful experience but dang it is hard work. And how do you know what to? Are you doing it right? Can it be easier? Is it suppose to be this hard? The Milkology breastfeeding class is the perfect way to ensure breastfeeding success!

In my review of the Milkology Breastfeeding class I will go over.

  • What is taught in the class
  • How is it taught
  • Why you should you take the course
  • How much does it cost
  • How do you sign up

How to be Successful Breastfeeding with the Milkology Breastfeeding Class

I am an affiliate with this program which means if you were to buy this course I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. I love everything about this course and I am confident it will help you be successful breastfeeding or I wouldn’t be sharing it with you. 

What is taught in the Milkology Breastfeeding Class

This course is seriously the perfect class for a first time mom getting ready to breastfed or for the veteran mom looking to brush up on how to breastfeed.

The beginning of this ultimate breastfeeding class is the benefits of breastfeeding. Here you will learn what makes breastfeeding so amazing! Now we all know breastfeeding is natural and what was intended, but maybe you want to dive in deeper and learn a bit more.

  • What are the properties of breast milk?
  • What are the benefits of breastfeeding for baby?
  • What are the benefits of Breastfeeding for mom?
  • What are the benefits for family and the world?

I have been breastfeeding for 3 years and have done a lot of research and I even learned a few things here. These tools are perfect for when someone questions your motives behind breastfeeding. As much as that shouldn’t happen… it does.

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Up next is understanding the process! This part was so education and fascinating really. Not only can our bodies grow a baby but then they produce milk and continue to grow those babies. And the science behind it is incredible.

  • Lactation Explained
  • How to master your breast milk supply

I was blessed and never had any issues with my breast milk supply except for a major over supply, even when I was tandem nursing. I did however donate over 3,000 ounces.

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After learning how lactation occurs and mastering your breast milk supply you will learn about starting to breastfeeding. This can be the most challenging part of breastfeeding especially as a first time mom.

  • Breastfeeding positions
  • Latching baby
  • Expressing breast milk and How to store breast milk

In my opinion this the most important section of the breastfeeding class. Learning different breastfeeding positions and how to latch baby can make all the difference in being success breastfeeding and actually enjoying to breastfeed, or being stressed out and giving up.

This breastfeeding class is the ultimate tool for any mom preparing to breastfeed. Learning how to breastfeeding can be so hard but with the right support breastfeeding goals can be met. Learn breastfeeding positions, breastfeeding techniques, why should I breastfeed, how to breastfed, how does breastfeeding work, mom advice

Following that is knowing what to expect when it comes to breastfeeding. This is another important part as knowing these things will let you know if everything is going as it should.

  • Diaper output and weight
  • The first month of breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding the second month and beyond

Diaper output and weight is how you know baby is transferring milk. More so the diaper output as babies will gain weight differently. Both of my girls were chunky and my sisters kids were skinny but all are healthy and following their growth curve.

Finally, is finding breastfeeding support and getting prepared to start breastfeeding.

  • Find your support network
  • Prepared for Success

Breastfeeding support is so important! If all you have around you are those who believe breastfed babies can’t possibly get enough and that it is just too much work you need formula the likelihood of you succeeding is going to drop.

I will always have an open door policy when it comes to needing breastfeeding support. If you can not find someone who supports you I am here. I can answer any questions and if I can’t I will point in the right direction. Feel free to contact me at any time I check my email multiple times a day.

But wait there is more! That is right there are some bonuses offered in this class!

  • The ultimate troubleshooting guide: common breastfeeding issues (PDF)
  • (e book) little black book of breastfeeding secrets
  • Breastfeeding milestone printable cards

How is the ultimate breastfeeding class taught

If you haven’t heard of teachable it is an amazing place to not only learn but teach. This is a website where people can make courses for anything really and then sell them for us to watch or read online all in one neat place.

This course is all videos except for the bonuses. I love the videos as they are more personal and so easy to learn from. Plus when it comes to the breastfeeding positions seeing them is way easier and makes understanding them better than just reading how to do them.

You will just log in to your account and select “my courses” and you will see any course you have bought. Couldn’t be much easier than that!

Everything you need to know when breastfeeding for the first time. Breastfeeding a newborn as a first time parent can be scary but this online breastfeeding class will help prepare you for everything including pumping breastmilk

Why should you take the breastfeeding class?

I know that breastfeeding classes are offered, but I found them to be just women asking questions and not really much learning. I didn’t find out anything I couldn’t have found from searching how to breastfed. And I found it to be a complete waste of my time. Besides winning a gift basket to a local MOP’s group which I didn’t know about and have now been in 3 years.

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Plus,  you can take the class in your pj’s while snacking and not worrying anyone else! This is great especially if you have other children or aren’t comfortable talking about breastfeeding with a bunch of strangers. Because lets face it if you are not comfortable you will not learn as much and this is such an important topic.

How much does it cost

So not only do you get to take this class in the comfort of your home, but it is only $19! Say what!

That’s is cheaper than a box of diapers or a nice cloth diaper is you use cloth! And I promise you will spend more money doing online shopping while you are cluster feeding your newborn! Just a fore warning it will happen!

How to sign up for the breastfeeding class

Are you ready for this? Sign up here using your email, and make your payment then you will have access to start your class right away!

Who is Stacey Stewart?

Stacey is the amazing lady who developed the ultimate breastfeeding class! She is a certified Lactation Consultant, and the mom of 3! As well as the founder of Milkology. Her goal is to not only help you but to empower you to reach your breastfeeding goals!

I am in the process of going through the Pumping class offered by Milkology and I will post a review when I am done.

I hope that you reach all of your breastfeeding goals and find the support you need.

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  1. I breastfed all of my kids for as long as I could. I struggled with production after the first two months. I wish I knew about this class when I was a breastfeeding mom.

    1. becomingschultz says:

      You did amazing mama!!! Side note one of my good friends name is Fallon I have never came across another!

  2. Sounds like a great class! Thanks to my endocrine system I wasn’t able to breastfeed (or would in the future) but I know lots of friends who would be interested and will share with them!!

    1. becomingschultz says:

      Thank you so much for sharing I appreciate it.

  3. Breastfeeding is hard for most women! People tend to hide their struggles for some reason. We should share more with one another! Great post thank you!

    1. becomingschultz says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I feel there is a fear that if they share their struggle someone will just suggest they stop and use formula. I know I didn’t complain to certain people who would have said “just get formula”.

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