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Fall Sensory Bin Activities for Toddlers

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Fall is slowly becoming my favorite season! I have always loved summer, but it is way more fun to go outside when it isn’t 90 and humid when you have to chase kids around! Plus, fall means apples and pumpkins and so many fun family friendly activities like sensory bins.

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Early learning in nature is so easy anyone can do it. And most of the time your kids don’t even know they are learning, shoot you don’t even realize it half the time. Just by exploring nature your children are learning.

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Fall Sensory Bin Activities for Toddlers

Sensory bins for toddlers or even babies is such an easy way to help them explore their senses. You can have your older toddle close their eyes and guess what is inside before they see it and smell it too. There are so many options when it comes to sensory bins.

I love to do seasonal sensory bins, because we just pick up things outside and play with them at a later date while we are at home. Who doesn’t love some free toys for the kids! Not to mention often times the kids play with the sensory bins for longer than they do any other toy.

Most recently I took advantage of picking a tub of apples and pears and turned it in to a sensory bin and early learning activity. Did you know pears sink? I honestly never thought about it but sure enough all the apples floated up and the pears were at the bottom. What an amazing learning experience.

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Adella still talks about it. She says the pears go way down and the apples float! I also got my pears and apples rinsed off so that’s a win! Of course you don’t have to it on a large scale but put some apples and water in a tub and talk about them floating. But don’t stop there!

  • bob for apples
  • find more things in your kitchen and see what else floats or sinks
  • scoop them up with a noodle spoon
  • wash them and dry them

And when you are all done cleaning them you can make something!

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Sensory Bin Ideas With Leaves

Leaves are so much fun! From watching them change colors to making a big pile and jumping in them! I don’t know about you but playing in the leaves always makes me feel like a kid again! And there are so many different types of leaves and so much you can teach your kids about them.

Compare the shapes, sizes, and colors. Squish some and listen to them crunch. But don’t just do leaves pick up some other tree parts (yeah that is the only word I can think of), like pine cones, pine needles, sticks, bark, walnuts, acorn, hickory nuts. Yeah tree parts!

Throw in some bowls to sort tree parts, tongs to try and pick up the leaves and tree parts, or spoons to mix them. You can even split this up and do one bin with leaves and the other with tree parts, or do it on different days and then combine them on another day!

Then when you are done playing craft it up! Make a wreath, some leaf people, shoot just glue some pieces on a piece of paper and throw it away tomorrow! Yeah we can be honest or at least I can be honest I don’t keep all the dang crafts!

Early learning can be so fun and easy with some sensory bin ideas. These are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and are so simple for busy moms to set up. Home schooling does not need to be hard and it has some amazing benefits for your kids. mom advice, home schooling free ideas, inside play for toddlers, rainy day activities, quite play

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Sensory bin ideas with pumpkin


Oh this one can be messy but so much fun! You don’t necessarily need a bin for this one, you can just use an actual pumpkin. But let them squeeze the pumpkin guts in between their fingers.

Use some tongs and separate the guts and seeds. You can then count the seeds, sort them by their size and don’t forget to talk about what the pumpkin guts feel like. Man pumpkin guts is almost as good as tree parts! HAHA

Don’t forget to carve or paint your pumpkin and bake those seeds! Please, tell me you have done that before! They are so yummy and there are so many different seasonings you can put on them to make them such a yummy treat.

Pour some melted butter on them and toss them around, or use your hands! Then add some sea salt, cinnamon, or your favorite spice! Then bake them at 300 for 45 minutes and enjoy! Yum!

Early learning doesn’t have to be hard

I know so many of my friends are intimidated on where to start teaching their toddlers, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Frankly our kids learn best when they are playing. So while we know they are learning they just see it as play! Nothing better than that! This is what makes sensory bins great!

  • quick and easy to put together
  • uses the senses
  • early learning through play
  • can easily provide 30 minutes of quite play time
  • perfect for rainy days or hot days and in our case buggy days

So it can be fun, a great quite time play, easy for you to do, and a wonderful way for your young children to get involved in some home schooling.

Are you ready to hop on the home schooling train?

Check our my toddler early learning reading!

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