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Toddler Fall Tree Craft

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How excited are you for fall? Have you switched to fall scents and food yet? We may have bought some pumpkin scented candles and made apple crisp this week! It’s September so it’s not too early!

We are going to jump into so many fun activities this fall and I can’t wait for everything to open! We have a pumpkin patch just down the road and plenty of apple orchards with in a few hours of us. I am beyond excited for some apple cider donuts and hot cider!

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Toddler Fall Tree Craft

This toddler fall tree craft is the perfect DIY fall decor to reuse old puzzles! This craft is the perfect way to spend a cool fall day with your toddler.

This craft is a great way to use an old puzzle that is maybe missing a few pieces or you were planning on getting rid of. I love to reuse different things instead of throwing them away, but we didn’t have an old puzzle. So we went to a thrift store and got a puzzle for $1 and a nice wood picture frame for a $1! Thrift store crafts are so much fun!

We did have to cut out a piece of poster board because our picture frame was bigger than a piece of paper. We then glued a piece of smooth card stock. Adella wanted blue but of course you could use any color of paper.

Next up was tracing her hand and arm. On a piece of smooth card stock trace one of your child’s hands and arm for the tree trunk and branches. You can just see her fingers under the puzzles pieces.

hand tracing for diy fall tree craft

Then glue the trunk on to your piece of card stock and while that is drying you can paint the puzzle pieces. I do have a few tips on painting the puzzles pieces. Do not try and paint the side that has the picture on it and we tried putting the pieces in a box so their wouldn’t be a paint mess but that did not work at all. I advise just putting the puzzles pieces on a piece of paper and painting the backs. I thought about doing a double coat of the yellow, but they turned out fine with just one.

We did one color at a time and let them dry over night so we could break the craft up in to a two day process. Come the next day we simply glued the pieces on to our tree trunk and branches! Adella loved picking which colors went where and the shape of the tree. I did make a few suggestions so it looked more like a tree!

Why did we do this craft

Adella has a new found love of crafts and it is one of the things we love to do during our mommy and me time! I also do some early learning homeschooling and this project was paired with a book about fall.

I may also be in love with the idea of DIY home decor and even better that it is something my child made and gets to tell everyone who comes over. I am positive we will be doing more for the other seasons and we may even make some for DIY gifts.

Do you love to do crafts with your little ones? What has been your favorite craft?

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  1. This is a lovely idea, we have so many old jigsaws that must have missing pieces. I am pinning this one. thanks you #DremTeam

    1. becomingschultz says:

      It was so fun and I can’t wait to do a winter tree too!

  2. This is a great idea. I am for sure going to try this with my girls. Thanks so much for joining us on the #DreamTeam if you could grab a linky badge and add to the post we would really appreciate it.

  3. Cool! We’re going to do this one for sure. I always wonder if anyone else struggled with keeping the puzzle pieces together and what to do with them.

    1. becomingschultz says:

      Of course you never know till you actually put the puzzle together! lol

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