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Toddler Reading Early Learning Home School Curriculum

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I am so excited this for fall and we have some many fun activities planned that I just couldn’t wait to do some books based on fall. The books we used are pretty random as they were books we had but I have complied a list of 20 books about fall that can all be found at Target.

Toddler Reading Early Learning Home School Curriculum

Toddler reading project about fall. Early learning can be easy, fun, and enjoyable for everyone involved

The Four Seasons is an early reading book and has just a few words on each page and is about all the seasons so I didn’t want to just do that book. All For Fall is a fun book that talks about the colors of fall and the other seasons. The colors of fall are what make me fall in love with fall every year!

I’m not all about pumpkin spice everything, but I love pumpkin pie and really love apples! We have already canned some applesauce and I want to can some more, but our trees are done so we will have to go to an apple orchard.

We read our fall books every day and talked about what will happen when it starts to get colder. Adella was so excited for the leaves to fall and was saying she was going to swim in them. If your child is in to science you can talk about why the leaves change colors!

Of course it is too early for the leaves to be falling, but it is never too early to plan! The more we talk about it the more excited Adella gets about it all!

Toddler Early Learning Crafts

We of course had to paint! I love free paint so I just let both girls paint with some reds and oranges. Which means Delta (1 year old) had paint everywhere but the paper, but it was so fun!

We also made an incredible DIY home decor fall tree. That was a great way to reuse puzzle pieces and picture frames. We actually went to a thrift store and bought a $1 puzzle and $1 picture frame! We of course have paper and paint so this project cost us $2 and we have 950 puzzle pieces left to do with what we want.

This toddler craft is also perfect to put on display as a DIY fall home decor! I can't get over how awesome this tree turned out

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This project took us a few days to do so we only did one other craft which was yarn wrapping card board leaves. There are so many different fall crafts you can do!

  • pumpkin painting
  • leaf rubbings
  • leaf painting
  • paint a picture using a leaf instead of a paint brush
  • apple stamps

Toddler Early Learning Activities

Ah the fall activities! We walked around our yard and checked out the different kind of leaves on the different trees. We also touched the bark and explored different textures. Nature is such a fun place to explore especially for toddlers. All of our senses can be used and honed in!

We also did some baking with apples! We didn’t have any eggs so we made my favorite oatmeal free apple crisp and then dehydrated the rest of the apples. Adella had so much fun peeling the apples and making the crumb topping.

I love giving her a way to help me cook. It is not only a nice busy activity but another way for her to get in some early learning of life skills. She really had to use her muscles because these granny smith apples were hard!

Adella helping peel and core the apples

Need some fall activity ideas? Be sure to check out my post sharing must do family fall activities.  And if you need some fall books be sure to check out this post of 20 different books about fall.

We actually previously did one of my suggested books as a reading project and would love for you to check it out! Tractor Mac is one of our favorite book series and we had so much fun reading and baking.

Toddler reading book project with matching craft and activities is the perfect preschool homeschooling project. Toddler crafts and toddler activities to pair with books is an easy and fun way to start early learning without stress.

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      She is doing great. You would never know anything happened. It was an experience I will never forget. Thank you for the well wishes.

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