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Children’s Books About Fall

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It is getting to be that time of year again! As much as I love summer I love the fall too! The colorful leaves, the smells, and oh the food. I’m not one for pumpkin lattes but I could eat my weight in pumpkin pie!

I love going to apple orchards, and pumpkin patches, and the weather is just perfect… until the snow comes.

Season changes is another awesome time to add new books to your home library! Reading about something and then getting to do it makes those amazing connections for our children that can fuel their love for reading. It teaches them the imagination that can come with reading as they discover the connection with real life and reading.

Don’t just read the book though, follow along on my book series for crafts to go with books to encourage even more of a love for reading.

Then throw in those activities and you have a fun early learning home school experience! Fall books for preschoolers and fall crafts just sounds exciting. But the best part is to our kids it just seems fun!

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Children’s Books About Fall

Fall is such an amazing and magical time of year. So many things are changing around us and as we get older we stop noticing because it happens every year, but for our kids it is magical. There are so many questions and books are such a fun way to explore. Reading to your toddler is so important for many reasons and it is so easy to pair books with times of the year. toddler books about fall, toddler busy activity, toddler toys, toddler gifts, fall family fun

What can I see in the Fall?

In the Middle of Fall


Pinny in Fall


What we Do in Fall






Fall Animal Fun




Fall Weather Fun






Fall Pumpkin Fun


Fall Leaves Fun


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Fall Harvest Fun


Fall Apple Fun


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Hello, Fall



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A Fall Ball for All


Lets Look at Fall


Daniel Loves Fall


When Will Fall Arrive 


Through the Forrest in Fall









Counting on Fall

Full of Fall





It’s Falling, Falling

Tractor Mac Harvest Time


Tractor Mac Farmers Market


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Hedgehugs: Autumn Hide and Seek

Books about fall are the perfect way to introduce the new season to toddlers. Learning about leaves, animals, and the season changing is such a great way to start some early learning

Shiny Shapes and Pumpkins

Fall is such a fun time of year, I can’t stand winter and I live where half the year is chilly, but I always look forward to fall. I hope your family can add some incredible books to your library.

Reading is so important to do with our children and if you want to do early learning by homeschooling building a love for books will be so important. Reading books and doing crafts with them is a great way to make a connection. These toddler books about fall are perfect for all different fall activities. Apple orchard, pumpkin patch, DIY homeschooling, leaf craft, toddler craft, kids books, children books

We have done a book project about fall and an adorable fall tree toddler craft that doubles as a DIY home decor.


What kind of plans does your family have for this fall?


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