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How to Declutter and Organize as a Busy Mom: Email Series

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Any one else miss spring cleaning?! I was so busy trying to plan our youngest birthday party and just enjoying being outside with my two crazy kids that we did no spring cleaning.

Now fall is going to be here before I know it and I need to do some decluttering. But I don’t know about you, but I need someone to keep me honest! I get distracted enjoying a day like today and do nothing to obtain my goals! So I would like to ask you to join me in my quest to declutter.

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30 Days to Organize and Declutter as Busy Moms

My goal is to do 1 bag, box, or handful a day and either donate it or trash it. With two kids I have so much stuff I could get rid of but I just don’t take the time to do it. In doing so I hope that cleaning the house because much easier as we get rid of the clutter and just keep what we need.

You can clean out your car, office, shoot I don’t care if you pull a basket full of weeds out of your garden as your declutter for the day!

So in your house could use a clean out? Junk drawer, garage, or guest room which less face it has become more of a catch all for junk you don’t know what to do with! Oh no, that’s just our guest room?

Maybe you need to get rid of some of your clothes or the kids clothes, how about going through that kitchen Tupperware and get rid of those extra lids.

Decluttering can be such an overwhelming process, but with some tips and ideas straight to your inbox it can be easy! Decluttering as a busy mom doesn't have to be hard, and it can be such a stress reliever. I know as a stay at home mom i need the stress relief. Decultter tips, mom advice, parenting, cleaning tips


Why should you work on decluttering and organizing?

When you remove extra “stuff” from your house it can not only clear a spot in your house, but also provide some mental clarity. No matter how much you think that room full of junk isn’t on your mind or that extra pile of clothes in the back of your closet, it is. Whether you realize it or not just one thought about it can cause unnecessary stress.

You can ignore it for as long as you want, but it won’t be going any where until you take care of it. That is where I come in! I am going to be here to remind you of your goals! Take a moment and think about what those goals are. Write them down. Make a mental note. What ever works best for you.

It is back to school time and I am sure you have found clothes that no longer fit, or old school supplies that you won’t use. Maybe the kids have outgrown some toys, or shoes. Or if you have younger children this is the perfect time to get them involved in donation. You can explain to them what it means to donate and why we do it.

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Removing clutter from your home also makes it easier to clean. Less stuff means less mess! Who doesn’t love less mess and faster cleaning time? I know that is all I need to motivate myself. It may take some time to declutter, but it will be worth it. And with just a box a day it won’t feel overwhelming.

How to Join

Sign up below and I will send everything straight to your inbox! Just one email a day full of tips and challenges to keep you decluttering!

Then relish in the free space and calm that comes with it. By the end of the month hopefully you will have cleared not only physical space but mental space in the form of stress.

Check out my Pinterest board of home organizing for more tips and ideas!


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  1. We definitely need to declutter! Looking forward to the challenge!

  2. I’ve been on a decluttering mission while I’ve been off work this summer! I feel so much better now that it’s in progress! This looks like a great challenge to take on! Thanks 🙂

  3. It is so hard to find time to declutter with little ones under-toe. I’m looking forward to the challenge, I could definitely use the kick in the butt as well!

    1. becomingschultz says:

      It really is! Just when I get something started we need to do something else and then I’m too tired or forget about what I was doing.

  4. Love this idea. I keep my Home pretty minimalist so I usually don’t have much to pitch, but the change of seasons always bring the need to throw or give away stuff. I subscribed to follow along!

    1. becomingschultz says:

      Thank you so much!

  5. I recently did a 30 day declutter, and it was so great! Other than I’m so out of my mind busy with working and momming full time that I didn’t get all of the challenges done. Still working on it little by little, but it’s becoming something more like 30 weeks… haha

    1. becomingschultz says:

      Haha Every bit counts!

  6. I really need to challenge myself to do this. Our house is pretty organised but there are certainly items that need to be thrown away! The problem is that with a toddler that remembers every single toy he has and will ask for it as soon as he can’t find it you can’t do much decluttering

    1. becomingschultz says:

      My oldest is this way. She always wants the toy I take that hasn’t been played with in a month.

  7. We are cleaning things out now!

    1. becomingschultz says:

      Yay get it out!

  8. I literally just sat down after taking a garbage bag to my kids playroom! I joined the Facebook group- I need to declutter as well!

    1. becomingschultz says:

      The play room is the worst, in my case the living room and their bedroom! haha

  9. Oh I need this challenge so bad. The mess overwhelms!

    1. becomingschultz says:

      It really is! I don’t know about you, but I feel like I don’t know where to start and then well I just don’t.

  10. I’m spending some of my day today decluttering so this is a very helpful post for me. It always feels great to sort through things and of course donate when I can. 🙂

    1. becomingschultz says:

      It quite soothing to be able to step back and see success!

  11. As a mom, I always feel like I need to declutter! Somehow clutter creeps in constantly. Thanks for sharing this!

  12. This sounds like an interesting idea! I do like a good declutter (although it has to be done when hubby and kids aren’t around or they suddenly decide that they can’t possibly live without whatever it is I’m getting rid of…!) #blogcrush

    1. becomingschultz says:

      Thankfully my man works second shift and the kids are almost 3 and 1 they don’t know what they want! HAHA I will be making him get rid of stuff too! He likes to think he has it together but he has more clothes then anyone and doesn’t wear half of them! Not to mention the garage oh man!

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