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Block Island Sunscreen Review

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I don’t know about you but we spend as much time outside as we can. And with that comes sunscreen! We of course try to find the best sunscreen out there with less ingredients, a nice price tag, and easy application.

We don’t use sunscreen for at least an hour of our time outside. We either go outside early in the morning, later at night or stay more in the shade so we can get some vitamin D and sun rays in a healthy way! Then we layer on the sunscreen.

I was not paid for this post but I did receive this bottle of sunscreen for my honest review. 

Block Island Sunscreen

Block Island is a family owned business and they have been featured on EWG for 4 years! EWG gives Block Island 30spf a rank 1! Meaning it poses the lowest health risk! How incredible is that!

Block Island sunscreen uses aloe as its first ingredient and includes ingredients like green tea extract, coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin e. Zinc oxide is the activity ingredient and it works by creating a physical barrier between the skin and it reflects and scatters UV waves.

The Application

This part is super important to me. Delta doesn’t hold still and she is not a fan of getting lotion put on so I need something that goes on with out having to do a lot of rubbing! And I also want something that doesn’t make us all look like a bunch of ghosts.

So I was nervous since this is a barrier sunscreen that we would look rather white, but we didn’t! Now I could tell I had some on no doubt, but it was more of a matte like finish. No one else mentioned it and I could hardly tell it was on my girls!

It also was easy to apply and didn’t require rubbing in forever. You do need to start with a little at a time because a little goes a long way. I used a pea size and was able to cover both of Delta’s arms! So start with that pea size and go from there. Oh the best part!! IT IS NOT GREASY! I can’t say enough how many times I have seen the claim of grease free and it is just not the case!

So lets see easy to apply, no white residue, and it is not greasy! Do I have any complaints about the application? It does smell different, kind of like medicine but that is not an issues for us. In order to be as amazing as Block Island is they don’t add fragrance! Adella actually loves the smell and the girl lives through her nose so that is saying something.

Sunscreen is so important, but so is your families safety against chemicals. This sunscreen is rated on EWG as the safest. Block Island Sunscreen review. Parenting tips, sunscreen review, mom advice, mom tips, outside play, keeping your family safe, sun safety,


This is important to me too, but if it works great the price is kind of irrelevant! This bottle is 3.4 fl oz and cost $20 which is more then some of the store bought sunscreen, but is still a reasonably priced sunscreen! I will also say we have been using this for almost a month on 3 of us, daily and we have not gone through half the bottle! And no one has been burnt!

Important Information

This sunscreen is not water proof. They don’t claim to be water proof, but I want to share all the information with you. We of course use a sunscreen that is water proof when we go swimming or play out in the sprinkler, but our park trips and any other time we are outside we use Block Island sunscreen.

Did you know that sunscreen expires? Cause it does! Often times I find that locating the expiration date is near impossible. It is either the same color as the bottle or so small and hard to read, but on the Block Island sunscreen it bottle it is black and obvious and is listed right with the lot number! There is no way this bottle will make it to 2020, but if it did I would clearly know it was time for a new one. 

In Conclusion

This is a sunscreen I feel safe using for the whole family and will be continuing to do so. We will no doubt be buying more when this bottle is gone and I am confident in suggesting it to all of you.

  • chemical free
  • reef safe
  • nano particle free
  • vegan
  • non greasy
  • fragrance free
  • EWG top rated


Use this sunscreen while enjoying the Benefits Of Fresh Air

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