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Breastfeeding Snacks for Late Nights

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If you are planning on breastfeeding and have done any reading or maybe you are the depths of your breastfeeding journey you know that breastfeeding hunger is real! Think like a 12 year old boy hungry!

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I can remember the early days of cluster feeding each of my girls and needing food like every hour. No joke and oh man did I crave food. I craved food more breastfeeding then I ever did while I was pregnant. Chocolate milk all day long! I would go through a gallon every two days! HAHA

So now that I am tandem nursing for over a year now the hunger is intense! I have had such a crazy sweet tooth which is not a normal for me but ice cream I would eat each and every night once I got the kids settled. It was like my oh man I made it through the night treat! But I need some better breastfeeding snacks then sweets.

I have slowly realized I was like addicted to it and it made me short at bed time because I wanted that dang ice cream. Bed time is hard enough with out me adding my own agenda to it. So I decided I needed some more filling healthier breastfeeding snacks!

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Best Late Night Snacks For Breastfeeding Moms

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I have never been as hungry as I am when breastfeeding and I mean NEVER. Pregnancy doesn’t even compare to the hunger that comes while nursing a newborn.

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No I’m not talking about throwing a bag in the microwave. One, we don’t have a microwave and two that junk is so bad for you and full of unnecessary crap. I’m talking about turning on the stove and cranking that popcorn maker. Use what ever kind of popcorn kernels you feel (honestly I’ve had yellow and white and taste no difference) and I love using virgin coconut oil.

The oil gives the popcorn just a little sweetness and we top it with white cheddar powder (yeah I know not good for you, but man is it good), but you can top the popcorn with ANYTHING!

amazing breastfeeding snacks

  • butter
  • carmel
  • Kernel Season’s (my favorite)
  • tomato powder (dehydrated tomato skins)
  • just plain salt
  • melted chocolate for a little something extra!

I sure hope you know what a popcorn mixer is! If not you can check it out here, but in just 2 minutes you can have some amazing popcorn! Plus with a name like Whirley-Pop how can you go wrong!


I have always loved almonds but they never really satsify my need for something sweet until I found these almonds. Now some roasted almonds from the mall always hit the spot, but well they are not only bad for you but expensive as can be and who goes to the mall all the time? Well some of you might, but for us that is an hour drive one way!

Anyway on to the almonds. Coco roasted almonds are freaking incredible!!! Just enough sweetness and that coco flavor to make you feel like you are eating chocolate covered almonds! I wish I would have found these years ago, but they will always be in the house now.

I am cheap so we don’t buy almonds or many nuts really but after a little math they are only 50 cents per serving and I can handle that!

Fresh Vegetables

With our garden finally putting out some produce the snow peas have been growing like crazy and they are perfectly sweet and crunchy! Paired with some homemade buttermilk ranch and I am in heaven.

You can have any of your favorite veggies they will give you a great vitamin boost. Really want something savory? Try my  refreshing cucumber salsa. It is savory and crunchy, and not spicy at all!

You can dip your veggies in humus too for a great protein and flavor additive! I love cilantro jalapeno humus with carrots. I can’t wait for our carrots to be ready in the garden!

Fresh Fruit

Fruit is the perfect sweet snack! Natural sugars are so much better for you then processed added sugar. Watermelon and cantaloupe are my favorite go to. Add a little salt and yum.

Maybe you are berry eater, make a mixed berry salad and enjoy that sweet tartness. Or maybe apples with peanut butter is more your style. Its a great protein and fiber boost!

The best late night snacks for breastfeeding moms. Breastfeeding hunger was more intense then pregnancy hunger for me. I needed to find some filling healthy snacks for late nights of cluster feeding and tandem nursing.



I love dairy! Cheese, ice cream, milk, butter give it all to me! HAHA But we are talking healthy snacks right!

  • cottage cheese
  • cheddar cheese (I like mine with mustard)
  • string cheese
  • veggies with ranch


I freaking love oatmeal and it is great for  your breast milk supply! Not to mention it is filling and so easy to change up the flavor! My personal favorite is brown sugar, cinnamon and if we have them walnuts! Or brown sugar, cinnamon and some homemade cranberry sauce. Sweet, tangy and oh so satisfying.

best breastfeeding snacks for late night cravings.
Of course I always have to share!

But you can put anything in your oatmeal!

  • Fruit
  • Pumpkin
  • Seeds and Nuts
  • Dried fruit

Funny thing is I can’t have most of these snacks while pregnant because of gestational diabetes and maybe that is part of why I am so hungry in those first weeks and want nothing but carbs to fuel my body that has been carb neglected.

What is your favorite go to late night snack?

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Breastfeeding hunger is a real thing. I couldn't believe how hungry I was breastfeeding but with some great snacks for breastfeeding moms you can push off some hunger. Snacks are a great way to hold you over between meals and are great for supporting a breast milk supply. Breastfeeding tips, breastfeeding support, mom advice



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  1. I’m currently feeding my 18 month old so can relate to this! Cheese & popcorn are go-to snacks for me #MMBC

    1. becomingschultz says:

      Popcorn is seriously my first thought every night when the kids go to bed! lol

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