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Toddler Homeschooling Reading Curriculum

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I hope everyone had a wonderful week! I am just in love with the weather we are having right now! It has been in the 70’s and just perfect! We are just loving being outside and in the garden!

I can not wait until we have some garden produce so we can make some cucumber salsa and dip some radishes in homemade buttermilk ranch!!! I think we need to find a good garden book for one of these upcoming weeks so if you have any great garden books I’d love to check them out!

But on to our book fun this week! Adella picked another book based on animals!

Toddler Homeschooling Reading Curriculum

Have you ever heard of this book? The first time I read the title I was confused as to what if was about. Animals wearing makeup? HAHA Well that is not what it is about! It is about different animals and why they have their features. Like camels have long eyelashes to keep the sand out of their eyes.

How awesome is it to teach our children not only what sounds animals say, but also why they have certain features! This book makes it funny and easy to learn something new!

Did you know that giraffes have blue tongues? So cool right!

Toddler crafts paired with books

This book is full of animals that are easy to do crafts for! This week we choose to do the giraffe as that is one of Adella’s favorite animals! We watched a giraffe try to reach a tree leaf at the zoo once and she just couldn’t get enough of it.

If you have been following along with this series you know I am all about open crafts so we just did a simple painting. Supplies:

  1. orange construction paper
  2. brown paint
  3. plate
  4. clothes pin
  5. Pom Pom

I like to change it up and not just paint with a paint brush or fingers. So we pinched a pom pom in a clothes pin and made giraffe spots with it! Make sure you have a few, I had to switch ours out a few times because Adella couldn’t stand too much paint on her pom pom.

How cute is she?? Oh my goodness she is so funny and just loves having her picture taken! She insist I take a picture of her doing everything.

Her polka dots were just perfect. And then she went a little crazy and put paint every where! My favorite part is that we get to do these crafts during our one on one time while Delta naps. I just love our one on one time and the fact that she now asks to read her book and do a project.

Confessions of a Not So Crafty Momma has another fun giraffe craft that you can try.

We only did a giraffe this week because Adella just didn’t want to craft at all this week! She is so against painting and coloring sometimes!

But you can so do a camel or elephant they are easy animals to do crafts with!

Toddler homeschooling activities

So camels live in the desert right so I wanted to do something with sand. But we play in the sand every time we go to the park so that is nothing new! It took some thinking but we made our own sand, and no I’m not saying we smashed rocks till they were dust! HAHA

So we cooked, because Adella loves to cook! So now I have you thinking what the heck did we make with sand? Well we smashed some graham crackers! I have a nice marble rolling pin and Adella struggles to pick it up but it makes it easy for smashing things!

Then we made pudding and sliced bananas to make our own banana pudding! The only pudding we had was a cook and serve banana cream so that worked perfect!

Then Adella got to practice her knife skills and cut the bananas for me. I think half our banana layer is about an inch thick and the other half is about 1/4 of an inch! But hey it’s a learning curve and watching her cut the bananas was my favorite part of the whole activity.

Why can’t I get enough of her chubby wrist? She is almost 3 and that little roll makes me feel like she is still my baby!

We had such a great time while Delta napped! I am not going to lie her dropping her nap was so hard on me, but after a week or 2 I am just so in love with our quality time.

What were your feelings when one of your children dropped a nap?

toddler craft

I can not say enough how much this has changed Adella’s relationship with books! And I love our time we get exploring and learning new things together! I really hope you have the same experience we have had.

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