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Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

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I know what you are thinking… Baby showers are for the baby.


Guess who is taking care of baby? MOM! She is running on little sleep if she is lucky, might remember to actually feed herself, and dang it she deserves something for herself! I have taken a mommy basket to the last few baby showers I have gone to and not only has the mommy to be loved it, but every one was marveling over what was in it.

Of course I wasn’t blogging or anything then so I have no pictures.. what a total bummer because they were so cute and full of so many amazing gifts for mom.

And no I’m not talking about numbing spray, pads, and witch hazel although that would be nice to, just maybe a bit personal to give at a baby shower! I mean I wouldn’t care because I feel you know what’s going to go on to that women, but I’m not shy! HAHA

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Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

Coffee or Tea Drinker

I was never a fan of coffee and would only drink the occasional ice tea in the summer, but I now have coffee every single morning. And if you are a parent you know that getting to sit down and drink a nice hot, or frankly cold beverage just doesn’t happen. We went microwave free and I can’t stand cold coffee or reheated coffee. An amazing tumbler is the perfect gift! I’m not saying get a Yeti, as great as they are… I’m talking about something unique!

Mamma Bird Boutique has been a favorite of mine for a while! She has some incredible tumblers! She does have other incredible items too, but her tumblers make me want a new one every time she shares another creation! Have something in mind? Robyn is incredible just shoot her a message!


Loose leaf tea is so much better than store bought bag tea, get the mommy to be a sweet stamped tea infuser from StampedFrosting you can have a special quote put on it, or an encouraging little note to brighten her day every time she uses this heart shaped infuser.

What about getting mommy some tea! Not sure what to get her Art of Tea for the rescue. They offer 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions of loose leaf tea sent right to her door. You can choose classic flavors or explore! Each month she will get enough tea for 30 cups of tea! The 3 month subscriptions are $54 and offer free shipping! Any tea loving mom would love this, frankly any tea lover would love this as a gift.

Just like with the tea there are coffee subscriptions too! Hawaii Coffee Company has some amazing flavors and you can do any of them as a subscriptions that will show up at her door as a reminder of your love! Just saying my birthday is coming up soon and this would be AMAZING! HAHA but seriously!

Worried about the new mom wanting to breastfeed and have caffeine? You can read more, but know it is safe for mom and baby!

baby shower gifts for mom

Help Mommy Relax

As a new mom there are so many aches and pains if she plans on breastfeeding the neck and shoulder pain is intense. A heating pad or an ice pack are helpful so why not a two in one? Rice bags are an easy way to have both! madeforyoubyKT is a great shop for all your rice bag needs! She has some of the cutest prints so you can pick something that fits her!

We all know lavender is relaxing so why not an amazing candle? I often light my lavender candle while we sit down to eat dinner as we all relax and get ready for bed time. Maybe you know she like vanilla or something fruity? Either way a candle is the perfect gift for mom to help her relax.

I found the perfect gift box by GratiaBoxCo in the box is homemade soaking salt, candle and loose leaf tea. Just the perfect combination of self-care and relax time! Bonus, it is super cute on its own!

A fancy soap or body butter is another great way to use scent to help the new mom relax! I have a few favorites one is Glitter Bee Designs. She has some amazing soaps and is taking request for scents and her whipped body butter is so good I want to eat it!

Baby shower gift for the couple

I think the most amazing gift would be a restaurant gift card and night of baby sitting! Of course it won’t be used right away but in a couple months it would be the perfect way for mom and dad to get a date night for free with no stressing about what do with the kid/s.

Start a meal train!!! Just a few meals when baby first comes home can help relive some strain on the family especially if the new baby isn’t the first. There is even a website to set it up on and make sure meals are given on different nights!

Find a housekeeper in your area and pay for one deep cleaning or a month of cleaning depending on your budget. Or if you are up for it a coupon for you to clean! This baby shower gift would just be incredible!


Have you got any unique baby shower gifts for mom? I’d love to add some more ideas to my blog!!

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