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11 Ways to Use Expressed Breast Milk

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As a breastfeeding mom I learned there are so many different ways to use breast milk and I was always so surprised at the ways you can use it. I have been blessed a amazing supply and have been able to tandem nurse and donate extra breast milk so I had no issues with trying out some ways to use breast milk.

I know not everyone is as blessed as me, but my favorite ways to use breast milk only require a few ounces! All of these with the exemption of feeding your child can use that stray bag of breast milk you found in the freezer that is over a year old. You can of course smell it, but the issues with older milk is it starts to lose its nutritional value and that is just not relevant here.

11 ways to use breast milk that don't include feeding your baby. Breast milk bath and Breast milk jewelry are my favorite. What's your favorite?

11 Ways To Use Expressed Breast Milk


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Milk bath with breast milk

A milk bath is so easy to do. Just a few ounces can be so helpful! I usually just put the bag in the bath and run the water and as the milk thaws I open the bag and pour it into the tub. This can help calm rashes and moisturize dry skin.

Breast Milk Lotion

Pairing some breast milk with some different oils and vitamin E is a great homemade lotion. You can add some essential oils if you so choose for more amazing benefits. Then use it just like any other lotion. I love this recipe it is so easy, and you can use expired breast milk.

Breast Milk Soap

So many people have dove into making their own soap with things like goats milk, well guess what, you can do the same breast milk. I have been wanting to make my own soap for awhile now and since I have a few extra hundred ounces in the freezer I may just have to make this recipe!

Breast Milk Gummies

Another amazing way to get breast milk in to your child’s diet while they think they are getting a treat! My girls love treats and I do enjoy giving them to occasionally treat, but it’s even better when it is actually good for them! I found this awesome easy recipe that any one can do and you can find that here!


If you run out of cows milk or are making food for the kids you can always substitute breast milk. My favorite is to use frozen breast milk in smoothies instead of ice! Any time I can get them some extra nutrients I do! I occasionally put breast milk in my toddlers oatmeal and cereal too.

Beast Milk Popsicle

I love giving my kids breast milk popsicles whether it is because they are teething or because it is hot outside. This is my favorite  They love them and they are healthy. You can even make your own fruit popsicles and add breast milk to them! I love this mold which actually makes push ups and I find they are less messy then traditional popsicles.


From diaper rash to bug bites. Squirt some right on effected area or use frozen. My favorite way to use frozen breast milk is number 6 on this list! Rub some breast milk on a bug bite, bee sting, diaper rash, poison ivy, dry skin, and sunburn.


Drop some in to your babies eye if they have a clogged tear duct, or use some for pink eye. Use breast milk instead of saline to help clean up congestion. Have an ear ache? Use some breast milk! Seriously this stuff is amazing!

Cracked Nipples

When breast feeding especially those first few weeks your nipples can take a beating. I found the best remedy to put rubbing some breast milk on them and letting them air dry helped the most. Was it immediate, no, but it helped so much as I continued to do it after every feeding.

Cuts and Scratches

With young kids boo boos are bound to happen and with that comes the chance of infection. Breast milk is great for killing germs and helping to promote healing. Plus showing your toddler how you can help has a magic effect just like kissing a boo boo does! I know my toddler ask for meme any time she has smallest cut! You can just squirt some on it or use the frozen chap stick again!


Breast Milk Jewelry

This is by far one of my favorites! I have a necklace and I just love it. It only took an ounce and the end result is something I will cherish forever. The bond of breastfeeding means so much to me and when anyone asks me about it I get to brag. It can be pricey as mine was $100, but I will share a few DIY kits that are reasonably priced and easy to do!

  1. This necklace is only $37.10 and comes with everything you will need except the liquid gold!
  2. This ring is just adorable with its double bow! For only $35.55 it’s an amazing deal.
  3. Oh this flower necklace is just perfect! At $34.78 it’s the perfect addition to any jewelry box!
  4. For $34.78 this breast milk key chain is just too cute and more subtle piece if you don’t want your jewelry to be the talk of the town!!

What are your favorite unique ways to use breast milk?

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  2. My favorite was to use it for eye drops.

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