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Toddler Early Learning Reading Curriculum

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How many books have you read with your child this week?

I won’t lie, if I was asked this question 2 months ago it might have been 3. Adella refused to sit through a book, even at almost 3 she just wasn’t in to them. She is developmentally ahead, like rather far ahead and I knew reading would do nothing but help her.

Despite knowing that I didn’t push reading on her because I wanted her to have a health relationship with books. So I wanted her to show interest in reading. I know some toddlers read all day and love books, but Adella just wasn’t one of those kids.

Insert the toddler reading project series which was a combination of different things I had researched.  I combine reading the books with crafts and different activities and her interest in books has grown so much.

We now read 3 or more books a day on top of our weekly book. Delta is only 1 but she loves books. All day long she has a book in her hand and will randomly bring it to us and we will read a few pages before she is off again.

Toddler Early Learning Reading Curriculum

week 5

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This week we actually did two different books. Since the 4th of July was this week I wanted to do some books that were related to this event.

The first book we did was a Daniel Tiger book with is another favorite series of Adella’s and surprise they make one about fireworks. Now, I have been blessed and both my girls love fireworks, but this book is perfect for those kids who have a fear of loud noises.

Toddler early learning activities

toddler reading project series

This book also gave us the fun of a picnic! This was our first actual planned picnic and it was so much fun. If you follow me on Instagram you saw our awesome picnic basket we were gifted by an elderly women whom is like our great grandma! It is older than Luke and I but it is so handy and works great.

This picnic gave Adella and I a chance to enjoy cooking and preparing food! This is another activity we love and it gives her the power to decide what kind of fruit we take, and kind of sandwiches.

A good picnic quilt is a must!

We went to the lake and after our picnic we took Adella fishing for the first time… and it was awful! I never want to go again! haha Seriously though never again.

We of course also did fireworks. Luke’s family has a cook out every 4th and they do fireworks. Adella had a blast but she was destroyed by mosquitoes and dealt with swelling for days. We then went to a local cities fireworks on the 7th.

Toddler early learning crafts

We of course had to make fireworks for our craft! I let Adella pick the colors of her fireworks and she chose blue and green (so not surprising). First I let her pain some fireworks while I cut a paper towel tube for our real craft!

How to cut the paper towel tube

I cut about 1/3 of the tube off and we just used that part. I then cut thin strips about half way up. If you want a bigger firework you could cut higher up, but I liked the way ours turn out.

Then I let Adella go to town on making her own fireworks! I turned out so cool and I’m not going to lie I want to do it again! HAHA

You could so let this dry and then come back and do it again with different colors! I love projects that you can go at twice!

Toddler homeschooling

Book #2

Like I said this week we did two books. Our other book we did was a book about the American flag. Adella loves the flag and with the 4th I thought it would be perfect to add it in.

toddler reading project series

This is a great first history lesson! As a mom who wants to home-school this is amazing! I feel homeschooling should start young as that is when they learn the fastest. The key to success is engaging in what your child finds interesting and run with it.

Toddler early learning activity

We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary for this book. We have a flag on our front deck and Adella loves to dance in it. We did of course talk about the flag more than normal and what all it means.

We talked about colors, but she knows all her colors and knows her shapes. She was calling the stars polka dots which I suppose they kinda are, but we talked about states.

We have always struggled to challenge her vocabulary so she knows how to say all of the states and knows which ones are near us. We talked more about living in Illinois and it was just more information for her to soak up.

Toddler early learning craft

We talked about the colors of the flag and when we colored we used red and blue on white paper. You could color a flag picture or even just a picture of a star. We worked on drawing stripes, and fine tuning those motor skills!

Then we cut up red and blue paper with child safety scissors  (we love love love these ones as they are all plastic and not just a blunt end, and they work). Using scissors is great way to build hand muscles and fine motor skills. I have a parent educator whom has informed me that kids are going in to grade school and can’t use scissors because they don’t have those muscles and it causes hand writing issues too.

homeschooling toddlers

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Next week

This coming up week we are going to do an animal book. We will be doing some major heavy work activities and of course hoping it brings on some earlier bed times! We will probably do way too many crafts as there are quite a few animals in this book, but we will see it is suppose to be hot and sunny all week so we will be enjoying our sprinkler and slip and slide! 

Side note this weekend was my first time using a slip and slide, my first attempt was awful… we should upload the video just for people to laugh at it was so bad and it hurt! HAHA

Side note number 2 target has a huge slip and slide that has three 20 foot piece and comes with tubes for it! OMG it’s $2,000!

Have you read any great books with your kids recently?

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