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Free Homeschooling Reading Ideas for Toddlers

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We made it to week 3 of our homeschooling reading curriculum and while I am still loving it fitting in the crafts with a kid who just wants to go outside because it is beautiful out has been tough.

I am going to have to put on my thinking cap and figure out some better outside activities that we can do to incorporate our books! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Free Homeschooling Reading Ideas for Toddlers

This week Adella choose a book about trains! This book is simply called  Trains ( I couldn’t find the exact book, but this one looks so much fun and is still about trains.) I don’t know about your kids but Adella loves trains especially stream engines thanks to Thomas the Train and Tractor Mac talking about steam tractors.

book project series

Our fathers day tradition has been to go ride on a local stream train engine that runs every fathers day weekend. It is just a short 30 minutes but it is so fun to go back in time and ride a track that actually use to be something!


Reading to Toddlers

So just like with the previous weeks we read the book every day and talked about the pictures and what trains do. No not just they drive on a track, but that people ride them to go places, and they take food and things across the country. She loves stream tractors so steam trains were just as big of a hit!

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Toddler Activities

So we didn’t do crafts this week as Adella wasn’t into it and well I’m not the kinda mama to force it. My go with the flow manor meant we did chalk drawings and pretended to ride on trains. Since we had just rode on a train earlier this week Adella was really in to pretending to ride one so that is what we did.

Delta was not into pretending to ride a train but Adella thought it was fun yelling “chug a chug” and moving our arms.

I’m a terrible artist but thankfully our kids don’t care how it looks just that it is fun and they get to play. So don’t let your skills deter you from trying something new with your kids or drawing something for them to play with. Adella insisted our train had steam and Delta just wanted to get on it.

book project series

Best part about Homeschooling Toddlers?

So the best part of early learning is it isn’t one size fits all, and it doesn’t have to be the same every week. You can do what you want based off what your children enjoy. Not into crafts? Then do hands on.

Free homeschooling reading series for toddlers is the perfect way to start early learning in your spare time. Teaching our children doesn't have to be hard or take up all of your time but it is so important to do. #homeschooling free homeschooling curriculum for toddlers free homeschooling resources for toddlers

Examples of what we could have done this week that wasn’t crafts and now that I’m thinking about it why didn’t we?

  • playdoh is always a great hands on go to and it’s cheap
  • train tracks, we have a Thomas the Train one and Adella loves “putting together the puzzle” lol
  • of course build a train with chairs or boxes is a great pretend play
  • talk about what trains can do and what type of trains exist

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I might have to pick the book this week because the fair will be in town and I need something to incorporate. Oh man I can remember going to the fair every summer and riding the rides. Of course just the thought of spinning makes me want to vomit and I think Adella is about an inch shy of riding any rides which sucks, but we will see the farm animals, and eat our weight in cheese curds and pork sandwiches!

Do you enjoy reading with your kids??? What books are your favorite?


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  1. What about combining the craft with her love of outdoors and do some outside crafts? Or maybe a scavenger hunt that’s related to the book?

    1. becomingschultz says:

      I’m trying to come up with some outdoor crafts! we tried a scavenger hunt a month ago and she so wasn’t in to but I am up for trying it again! Thank you for the suggestions

  2. Lauren says:

    This is such a creative idea! I like how you link crafts, projects, trips to books.

    1. becomingschultz says:

      Thank you, it has been so fun

  3. Nice post, with lots of family pictures. Love your matching outfits 🙂

    1. becomingschultz says:

      Thanks, I always said I wouldn’t match my kids but it’s so fun and they are adorable.

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