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Toddler Homeschooling Curriculum: Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish

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So here we are week 2! What book did Adella pick? It is a classic and one of my favorites for rhyming! Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish


Toddler Homeschooling Curriculum: Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish

This is a fun one! Full of rhymes which lead to giggles, but it is a long one so I had to be extra silly to keep her attention! Honestly that made the book even more fun for me!! We hopped and we laughed so hard it was seriously my favorite time reading to her.

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We read it every day, just like last week with Tractor Mac and I just let Adella figure out which part was her favorite since it is such a long book we would sometimes just skip to her favorite part!

Talking about all the rhymes was fun, but at only 2 Adella doesn’t quite get what a rhyme is other than they sound funny. An older child might be able to figure out some more words that rhyme even if just made up words; it can be a fun learning experience.

Toddler Activities

Always the best part of learning is the hands on activities that follow the reading.

Toddler crafts

So we did a few different craft projects including free painting, making jello, mixing red and blue to make purple, and playing with playdoh!


You could of course do coloring pictures of fish and just use blue and red, but in our house we are more into free drawing.  I find it funny the title of book is really not what the book is about, but red fish blue fish is always what crafts you think to do. I guess most the characters aren’t real things so that makes it a bit more difficult! HAHA

Activities for busy toddlers

I try to push heavy work activities so Adella will sleep better so hopping and pretending to be different animals/characters was a great activity for her.

Print out a picture of fish and color them different colors then have your toddler jump from one color to the next one. Working on colors and getting out some energy. You could even tape them to the walls in different rooms and go on a hunt to find them!

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Why is Early Learning so Important?

It is our job to teach our children and starting early is the best way to instill a love of learning. It is not just a teachers job to teach, it is a parents job too.

As toddlers are children haven’t learned a lot so play and reading fun books is a huge educational boost. And it is not hard for us to do. Plus it keeps them busy for a little while. Before you know it they will be asking to do crafts they like the most asking to read books that they love and even reading them their-selves.

My now 3 year old has a few books memorized that she loves to sit down and read herself and she now makes up her own stories based on the pictures in a book! How incredible is that?


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  1. It’s never too early to create a love for books. Reading together is the best way to start.

    1. becomingschultz says:

      It is and I knew I needed to jump on it when she finally showed some interest.

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