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How to Support a Breastfeeding Mom

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So your wife, partner, best friend, sister, or any other women close to you is breastfeeding her child and maybe you don’t know what to do to help her since you can’t feed baby and often baby just wants mama. And now you’re asking yourself how to support a breastfeeding mom??

I have now breastfeed two babies, shoot I’m still nursing two babies, and man would I have loved some help. The littlest thing would have helped so much and maybe just maybe I wouldn’t have felt so alone and overwhelmed. I know that us women may say we don’t need help, or want it, but we will ALWAYS appreciate the help.

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breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding tips for supporting you friends who breastfed

  1.  Bring her a meal! Make something that she can just pop in the oven and feed the family or bring her some easy snacks! Everyone has to eat and as a new mom it can be hard to remember to take care of yourself.
  2. CLEAN!!!! Do the dishes, fold some laundry, or just sweep a floor. Just 10 minutes of your time can help her feel more relaxed and at ease. It can be so hard to adjust to a new baby needing to nurse all the time and feeling the social pressure to have a clean house. Personally I don’t care if my house is a mess, but it took me time to get to that point!!!
  3. Talk. Just call her or stop by for a chat. Feeling isolated is the worst and as much as we love our children, venting about a lack of sleep can help so much. Want more sleep as a breastfeeding mom?
  4. Bring her a gift, and not something for the baby. The truth is baby probably has everything it needs, but mommy would love a gift. Make a basket of her favorite snacks, some chapstick, a water bottle, and a gift card because online shopping is bound to happen during the hours of nursing! HAHA
  5. Invite her out! It can be so nice just to get out of the house even if it is just for coffee.

Just because a mom is breastfeeding her baby doesn't mean you can't help her. There are many way to help and support a breastfeeding mom. #breastfeeding #baby

Breastfeeding tips for supporting dad

  1. Change babies diaper. Just give mama a 2 minute break and change the baby.
  2. Snuggle baby so that she can shower, and don’t come knocking when baby starts to cry. Let her enjoy that shower!
  3. Rub her feet. It’s such a nice gesture and so relaxing.
  4. Bring her food and water. Fill up her water and trust me she is going to need snacks and lots of them!!! Breastfeeding is hard work and we need to stay hydrated and full.
  5. Pick up the slack. Help out around the house more than usual even the littlest things make a big difference.
  6. Tell her she is doing an amazing job!!!
  7. And last but most importantly… if she is struggling don’t let the first thing out of your mouth be anything about formula. That is NOT helpful and is liable to make us cry or lash out. Offer to help calm baby and let her breath a little before trying to nurse again.

Dads can help when mom is breastfeeding the newborn and it can help a new mom destress with out worry. Breastfeeding support is the key to success #breastfeeding #parents

Breastfeeding is such an amazing experience, but it is also hard like really hard. It is even harder when we don’t have the support from friends and family. Breastfeeding support is often the key to success!

How do you help those women in your life who breastfeed? What do you wish someone did for you?

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