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Why I Chose a VBAC

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I don’t know about you, but when we started talking about having a second baby I just knew I wanted a VBAC. A repeat c-section wasn’t even a thought that crossed my mind. Now obviously I had a c-section and I know they can be life saving and necessary, but I also know they are overly used here in the USA.

How was my C-Section

My c-section was “necessary” but I feel it was avoidable. I couldn’t feel my legs at all, like I couldn’t move them, I had no idea I was having contractions and I just couldn’t use my muscles so how was I going to be able to push. I was naive and trusted my team and after 36 hours of labor with a fever over 102 I was exhausted.¬† Then her heart rate jumped to 210 and wasn’t coming down after 20 minutes they were worried about her having some issues from my fever and I was getting rushed in for a c-section at 3am.

It was traumatizing but I felt at peace for the reasoning behind it. I didn’t feel less like a women but I felt like a terrible mother as I didn’t get to hold Adella for 3 hours. I didn’t even see her face. It was so depressing. When I finally got to see her they just wheeled her in and walked away. I was scared to nurse her but I knew I had to. In that moment I was so glad I had done so much research on breastfeeding.


So when I found out I was pregnant I knew I didn’t want anything close to that experience and so I started looking for VBAC accommodating hospitals. I knew the hospital I delivered at didn’t allow VBAC’s but I made my first appointment with them because I have had 3 miscarriages and I just needed to know everything was okay. I was still nursing Adella and I knew I was going to continue doing so, and then tandem nurse the two of them. When I went to that appointment the nurse told me to stop nursing and I said I wasn’t going to so she went and grabbed another nurse who said the same thing. I didn’t care and the doctor didn’t say anything about it, but I refused to listen to that again and switched to a different VBAC friendly hospital.

The staff was amazing and never was a repeat c-section mentioned. Even when I had irritable uterus they never mentioned weaning Adella. I couldn’t have been more happy, and then when I went past 40 weeks and they didn’t jump to induction or c-section I was the happiest most relaxed pregnant women!

I’ll share my whole VBAC story later, but it was incredible. I walked and labored on my hands and knees. Adella was at the hospital with us so the nurse was my main support for most of my labor and she was just amazing. I made it all natural and pushed out that 8 pound baby in just a few pushes. It was the most empowering feeling. I was on such a high and wanted to do it again right away.

Look at those arm rolls

I was so happy I decided to go with my VBAC, and I can’t wait to do it again. The key is to find a supportive doctor or midwife. Even if it is just your partner who is your main family support you can do it! Luke is all I had and he was amazing.

I did this VBAC for myself, and I guess for my girls, and I want to be able to tell them they can do what they put their mind to. The struggle with depression¬†after Adella was awful, and of course as most of us I heard the “you aren’t a real mom” because I had a c-section but I don’t care about that. I wanted to know I could do it, I wanted to say “hell, yes I did it”! I wanted that feeling of power and let me tell you it was incredible, I was on such a high.

Have you had a VBAC, or thinking about having one?

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