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Minimalist Baby Registry Must Haves

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When I was setting up my baby registry I was so overwhelmed and then when I went to the store they gave me a list of things they said should be on my registry and half the stuff I had no idea what it was. I’m pretty sure they were just trying to make sales!

Okay, we all know that is what they were trying to do.

Now that we are expecting baby number 3 I have a much better Idea of Baby registry must haves, and what baby items are just not necessary.

And don’t forget about mom! All so often the baby shower is just about the baby, but guess who has to take care of that baby, birth that baby, and go through pregnancy? Mom and there are some great gifts to help out a new mom!

Minimalist Baby Registry Must Haves

When creating a registry it is important to have items that range in price. Some people like to just get lots of little things, some like to go in and get a big gift and lets be honest some just bring what they think you would need and don’t look at a registry at all!

This post contains affiliate links which means if you make a purchase using my links I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! 

Minimalist baby registry list is the perfect must have baby items list so you know just what you need and nothing extra. So much baby gear is just extra fluff and takes up space. So what do you really need?

Must have baby gear

This will be the more expensive items! Don’t be afraid to add these to your registry because you don’t want to make people feel obligated to buy them. People will buy what they can afford and some love to surprise the mommy to be with the big things they will need!

I got this exact combo at my baby shower and I was so glad I added it to my registry. The car seat goes to 35 lbs and the stroller was so easy to fold. It is gender neutral and we used it for both our kids so it was cost effective.

The car seat is now about to expire but guess what the stroller is still used! Graco stroller with click connect 35 is just perfect.

Graco Duo Glide

If you are expecting your second, third and so forth a double stroller may be just what you need. I suggest the Graco Duo Glide. We love this stroller, it works with our click connect and the back seat lays flat so we could just put the baby in there and made diaper changes easier when out and about.

There is plenty of basket space and it folds and unfolds with one hand! With multiple kids that was so important!

Graco Extend to Fit

This convertible car seat is great from newborn to toddler-hood. If you don’t want the carrier car seat you can use this Graco starting at 5 pound and up to 65! It rear faces to 50 pounds which was the big seller for us! We have both girls in this seat in our Camry! They will be in this seat until they are in a high back booster!


Lillebaby Baby Carrier

Lillebaby has saved my sanity! I use it at home and out and about. It was perfect for shopping with a baby and a 1 year old or for at the park. Just last week I used it on our hike!

I put Delta on my back and cook or wash dishes and she is happy to hang out and I’m happy to get stuff done! Did I mention this carrier comes with a lumbar support and super cute prints! That lumbar support is heaven!

A carrier is a registry must, and invest in one if you didn’t receive one you will thank me! I’m positive my house would be even more of a mess if it wasn’t for my baby carrier.

Naturepedic Organic Changing Pad

Some people feel you don’t need a changing pad, but I totally disagree. It was so nice to have that space and everything in one area!

We actually took our pad and velcroed (is that a word? I’m guessing no since I got the red wavy line, but I’m using it!) it to our waist high dresser. It is the perfect height and we didn’t have the extra space for a changing table! So this was perfect.

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Chair

I love this seat! We used it every day and it was a great way to keep Delta busy while we were outside or while I cooked. It folds up so I could take it with us when we visited family!

We got the tray and it was perfect for putting extra toys on! I like this seat way better then the Bumbo as I feel it is much more sturdy and more comfortable.

Toys and Teethers

Tiny Love Gymini Sunny Day

A play mat is a great way to get baby down and using those muscles! Tummy time is great on this colorful mat and the cross bars make sure those toys won’t get pulled over. We had just a single bar and it was always falling one way or the other, but the cross bar never did! For only $49 this one is priced just right!

Comotomo Silicone Teether

Teethers are so important. Babies love to put stuff in their mouths and the different textures make it even better. This one is easy to hold on to or attach to a pacifier clip so it doesn’t get tossed… because it will!


Cheengoo Bunny Ring rattle

Rattles are such a vintage type of toy but babies love them. When they realize they are the ones causing it to make noise the happiness is heart melting!

I love this crocheted rattle it is just so stinking cute!

Itzy Ritzy Teething Necklace

This beautiful necklace is for mama to wear to help distract baby when nursing. While breastfeeding in the beginning baby will not be into twiddling and pinching but as they get older the twiddling will start and a teething necklace will be a life saver!

This necklace can also be great when shopping to help keep baby busy and from licking the shopping cart. Yeah that happens.

My youngest loves to chew on the metal key to the Aldi carts.

Galt Table Top Rattle

My girls favorite toy was this suction cup wheel. I love to put it on the high chair and let them play while I cooked or did dishes. It is now attached to their little piano and is still played with daily!




Breastfeeding Supplies

Bamboobies re-use-able breast pads

If breastfeeding, pads are a must! Those first few months you are going to leak and well it can be embarrassing. Of course not as embarrassing as getting out to your car to realize after nursing your baby you never put your top shirt down, or you pulled your shirt down but didn’t pull your bra up… man why did no one tell me!

Anyway, I used disposable but they would be so itchy if I sweat, and well my D cup was sweating. I tried my first pair of washable pads and I knew I needed more!

You simply wash them with your regular wash nothing special. I stored mine in the box with my breastfeeding tubes and bottles and made sure to have an extra set in the diaper bag.

Medela Harmony Manual Breast pump 

I love this manual pump! It is east to use one handed, effective and priced great at just $30. I did use my electric pump more but my manual came in handy when we were going to be taking long drives or I needed to multi task.

My BreastFriend Nursing Pillows

Now I used a Boppy pillow for the early days I loved it but the angle was difficult sometimes, but this pillow looks amazing. Back support and a spot for your water bottle! Oh my goodness this looks like heaven!

Breastfeeding causes so much tension in your shoulders and arms despite baby being so small! A heating pad has also been my best friend.

Lansinoh Breastfeeding kit

The ice packs in this kit are amazing! In the beginning the engorgement is so painful and the ice packs are the perfect shape and feel so good.

This kit comes with some disposable pads, nipple cream and a latch aid.

Haakaa Starter Kit

Don’t have time to pump? The Haakaa is the tool for you!

Attach it to the opposite side as baby it catches any letdown that would have otherwise been wasted. Every ounce of liquid gold is precious and this pump makes sure you don’t lose it and it works while you do nothing!

Diapering baby registry must haves

There are so many disposable diaper choices and honestly they will fit each child differently so you may need to try some out. I do like the Up&up brand and the price is great!

Personally we cloth diaper more then we use disposables and I love it!

I love Thirsties brand cloth diapers. We use covers and prefolds and can’t say enough about how much money we have saved and not to mention the landfill space! They are so cute and not hard to use!

Yes, I have more laundry but with two in diapers I still only did laundry twice or three times a week so not too bad!


Diaper bag

There are so many diaper bags out! After two kids and switching to a back pack I can attest to it being so much easier. I don’t have to worry about it falling off my shoulder and it is much nicer on my back!

But just like with traditional diaper bags, there are a million back pack diaper bags. But the HaloVa Diaper bag is budget friendly and cute!

Seriously, beyond love, clothes, diapers, and nutrition a baby doesn’t need anything else. So if you don’t get everything you “want” at your baby shower that is okay, and maybe you won’t even want it after you have some time with your baby.

Remember not all babies like the same things. So babies don’t like a swing, and some love it, some need constant contact and some are okay with hanging out for a bit. Until you know your baby those extras might not even be needed.

Don’t have the money? Look to buy second hand. Other than car seats so much of our baby gear is second hand, including our cloth diapers! Save money and keep things out of the landfill it’s a win win! Please make sure it is from a smoke free environment!

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What has been your favorite baby shower gift?

Breastfeeding baby registry must haves for first time moms. Keep is simple and get just what you need to be successful breastfeeding.





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