5 Home Remedies for Fevers and Colds that are Safe for the Whole Family

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We woke up this morning and Delta felt warm. I assumed it was just because she sleeps hot, but then she just wanted to cuddle and fell back asleep. She was still really warm and her fever was 103.8. She has no cough, and wasn’t throwing up, she was just tired and wanted to snuggle.

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I will say rectal temperature is always most accurate but once baby gets squirmy it’s near impossible, shoot under the arm is hard enough! You can find my favorite under $10 thermometer here.

Breastfeeding and now you have a cold or fever? Want to avoid medicine? It is possible and you can do it to with these natural remedies for the cold and flu. #natural #breastfeeding

5 Home Remedies for Fevers and Colds that are Safe for the Whole Family

Fevers can be so scary especially if this is your first time really having to deal with one. Or if like me one of your kids has had a febrile seizure (seizures caused by a fast change in body temperature). Fevers can be nerve racking and cause fears you had no idea you could have.

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How to handle a fever

The easiest method to try is to get the child down to undies or a diaper to help there body release the heat. This is so easy to do so it takes little effort for the no doubt exhausted parent! This dropped Delta’s temperature to 102.4 which made her a bit more comfortable.

Fevers are a good thing!

It’s so hard especially if it’s your child’s first fever to not worry and want to give Tylenol, but a fever is the bodies way of making a harsh living environment. I was a bit uncomfortable with how high her fever was so I wanted to do some natural ways to help her be more comfortable! I figured it would be a great post to share!


We went outside for an hour and for the most part she was happy and enjoyed getting out of the house. She still wanted me near but I was able to actually put her down which she wasn’t having while we were inside. I pulled some weeds and picked up some sticks so I felt accomplished too!

Bath time

Another great distraction tool but also an amazing way to get some heat off the body. I threw both kids in the bath and they played for about 30 minutes! That meant 30 minutes I didn’t have to chase Adella and snuggle Delta because they were contained and entertained! If you ask me that’s a huge win especially when everyone is upset and cranky!


Seriously, that simple. I know when I’m sick I just want someone to take care of me. For a young child that is as easy as cuddling! Get those feel good hormones flowing for you both, watch a movie and just snuggle! Thankfully for me Adella loves to snuggle so we all snuggled in the recliner for a few hours.

A toddler or older can have cool foods. When I was sick and I’d stay at my grandmas house she always turned on cartoons, gave me a bucket, a blanket, and Popsicles! I may not have felt good, but I was sure happy! Man these cheap popsicles sound amazing right now!!! Too bad I know you can’t buy them frozen! (ask me how I know it’s a lovely story, HAHA)

Push fluids whether it be formula, water, or breast milk. Pedialyte isn’t my favorite but it is pushed pretty hard by doctors so you can make the call on that. I breastfeed my girls so I just push nursing. If the child is throwing up it is best to do 1 tablespoon of fluids every few minutes to help them keep something down.

How to Handle a Cold

Oh man cold and flu weather is my least favorite. When kids are really young colds can be so hard to handle since there are so few medicines they can have. And you can fell stressed out with not enough options. Or if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mom and you have to watch what you put into your body.

But there are some med free ways to help yourself and your whole family.

Cold and Flu season is so hard when you have kids. But there are natural ways you can treat a fever and cold. Clearing out their sinuses, making sure they are hydrated, and get sleep is key to getting better! #sick #parenting

Onion Syrup

This is a tried and true recipe of my families that I was given as a kid and have given to my children when ever they get a cold. As with any food a baby needs to be over 6 months before given and do not make it with honey until baby is over 1.

Onion syrup is perfect to sooth a sore throat and is a great natural cough syrup. You can find out more and the recipe to make it on my post here.

Cool Mist Humidifier

If you don’t own one of these I highly suggest you get one! They are great to run even when no one has a cold to help fight the terribly dry air from running the heater.

Using a cool mist humidifier helps sooth itchy throats by breathing in cool moist air and can help to loosen and thin mucus. This is the one we have and we love it. It has 4 different settings high/low and high/low with night light. On low it can run about 15 hours on one tank of water.

Fresh Air

Especially if the cough is croup like and worse at night going outside and breathing in the cold air can help with the swelling of vocal cords. We have already dealt with croup once this year and this was the only way we saw relief immediately.

Just wrap you both in a blanket to stay warm and get about 5 minutes of cold air and you will notice the coughing subside.

Steamy Shower

This is great when kids have a stuff nose, but when we had croup the hot made her cough worse so figuring out what works for the kind of cold you have will be key to finding relief.

All you need to do is run the hot water for about 10 minutes or long enough to get the room good and steamy and hang out in there. You can even just both hop in the shower. I know at one point when my daughter was just a few months old and sick me standing in the shower holding her while she nursed was the only way she fell asleep.

Dealing with the snot

Stuffy noses are the hardest for me especially while breastfeeding. When my kids are sick all they want to do is nurse and nurse some more but then they can’t breath threw their nose and the stress and frustration starts.

I love the Nose Frida when the kids are little but as they get older I have had no success using it without a huge fight. Leaving us all more stresses. And you so don’t need to worry about sucking up boogers there are filters that stop it!

So I have switched to bulb but not your typical blue booger sucker you get from the hospital. I have fallen in love with the NielMed NasaBulb the tips come off making them easier to clean and they are clear so you can see everything!

The shape of them is much easier to use and comfortable for the kids! And don’t forget about the saline spray to help thin the mucus making it easier to suck out.

The only medicine we use

We don’t do any of your basic cough medicines but anything from Maty’s is our go to! From their cough medicine to our favorite product of theirs the chest rub!

Our original jar of chest rub

I know you can find the chest rub at our Walmart but I have not seen anything else of theirs in our local stores so Amazon is our go to.

They also carry adult cough medicine and other amazing natural products!


We don’t use a fever reducer unless the temp is over 104 and the child is unable to be comforted or distracted. A baby under 3 months with a fever over 101 should be seen by a doctor and a fever lasting more than 3 days in any child should be seen as well.

It only took me 3 days to write this post, but the girls are finally feeling better, but now I’m feeling a little ill. We may or may not have ate cereal twice today and well peanut butter sandwiches and fruit sounds good for supper! Check out the fun we had this morning!

What works best for your little ones when they have a fever?

What can you do to help your child when they are sick without going to the doctor? There are plenty of natural home remedies that can help. Find out 5 proven natural home remedies and the tools that can help your whole family

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