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Alone at the park with two kids! I did it

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Oh warm air how I have missed you! The snow has melted and the sun has graced us with its presents.

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The Park By Myself With Two Kids

So we took the chance to go to the park and play for hours! I was nervous of course as last year Adella was 1.5 years old and Delta was just a newborn so the park was relatively easy. I just put Delta in the baby carrier, or I put them both in the double stroller and it worked wonders. So here we are now Delta is 11 months old and walking everywhere and Adella is 2.5 years old and on a mission to do everything herself and when she wants to do it, yay toddlers. I wasn’t going to let that fear keep me from going to the park alone with two kids and so I decided to just dive in. I’m going to have to do it at some point right??

Just my luck both girls fell asleep on the way in to town so I took the chance to enjoy a coffee drink from a local coffee shop and the silence was a nice extra!Then I drove around enjoying the sunshine, birds singing, and the slow turning from brown to green! But seriously look how cute are we!

Finally, they both woke up and lucky for me I was already in the park parking lot. Adella was so excited when we got to the park and she just wanted to swing! We have some amazing mommy and me swings but of course she didn’t want those she wanted the single swing meaning I didn’t have a swing for Delta. I put Delta in the carrier when we made it to the swings and hoisted Adella up in the swing.

Finally, Adella was wanting to go to the other swings and I was so excited for Delta to get to swing! And oh my goodness she loved it! She was full of giggles and smiles and her joy brought Adella joy and had me laughing too. We had so much fun on the swing, but after an hour of swinging Adella was ready for something else.

What a mess

We all went to the sand and Delta immediately put it in her mouth, then it was leaves, and sticks, and acorns uh everything was going in her mouth. Of course Delta thought it was just the funniest thing when I told her no, and Adella just wanted mommy to play with her! I felt torn. I want Delta to be able to explore the world around her, and I want to play with Adella. Adella always explored as a baby and I was right there to make sure she didn’t eat things, but poor Delta is usually just picked up and held so I can play with Adella.

Going to the park by yourself with two kids can be intimidating but you can do it! I have and continue to do so! It is so nice to have that outside play time to burn off some energy and destress. mom advice, parenting tips,

I made the quick decision to give Adella a choice: she could either continue to play as she was, or she could come play with Delta and I. She protest but continued to play and Delta got a good 10 minutes full of “no, don’t eat that”! We then went and bounced on the teeter totter which of course lasted a whole two minutes.

Our park has a merry go round and they are currently working on it before opening it for the summer season and Adella was so upset we couldn’t ride the horse. She just kept talking about sitting on the horses, and sissy wants to ride, and mommy too! I was able to get her pried away from the fence and we went to the old fire truck! Another total hit with my girls and perfect for some imagination play!

We spent 3 hours at the park, we played and I pushed them in the stroller and went for about a mile walk! Adella loved seeing the dam and creek and Delta just thought the stroller ride was funny! I was shocked how well our trip went that we went again today!

I did it!!! I survived the park alone with two kids under 3! Say What!!!


How does the park go for your family? Is it something you love to do?

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