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Starting a Bullet Journal: What Stencils and Supplies Will You Need?

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Have you thought about starting a bullet journal? I know it has been on my mind for a few months and I have really dove in to find some amazing products and dialing down what all I want in my journal!

I can be a bit of a space cadet so when I want to start something new I think oh yeah I’m diving in to this and then I’m so overwhelmed I don’t do it! (Hint, hint a blog took me months to actually start and not just think about it).

I would love to start a bullet journal for my garden this year! I think it would be a great way to keep on top of weeding and water. Since we have a garden here at our house, help a friend, and my grandparents it will be a bit overwhelming and I could use all the organizing help I can get.

I try so hard to be organized and I’m a total list maker, but to be honest I make the list and then usually forget it all together. I do feel better getting it out of my head and down on paper though and I think a bullet journal will help bring me some mental clarity. Or it will make me a stressed out mess trying to make it perfect. Ha Ha Either way it sounds like fun to try.

Bullet Journals are the perfect way to organize your busy life and stencil make bullet journals clean and organized! Mommy organizing with bullet journals is not only stress relieving but fun! You get to color and draw like a little kid again but it is fun and useful. mommy destress, home organizing, homeschooling organizing

Starting a Bullet Journal

This post contains affiliate links which means with your purchase I receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Starting a bullet journal can be kind of intense but this is for you and it doesn’t have to look a certain way or be perfect. But if you feel like it needs to be a bit more perfect than you can do free hand bullet journal stencils can be the perfect way to do this.

Bullet Journal Stencils

30 piece stencil for bullet journals, scrapbooks, or diaries. 

Circle Stencil, tables, and calendar. 

bullet journal stencils are perfect to have a nice and neat bullet journal. Bullet journals are perfect for staying organized and keep all your list in order. mommy organizing, home organizing, back to school organizing homeschooling organizing









Weather Bullet Journal Stencil

Weather bullet journal stencil would be perfect for a little kids bullet journal. I would love to introduce my child in to journalism early so she can work on being organized and having fun with it. This would be perfect for early learning. Perfect for homeschooling science










Monthly Bullet Journal Stencil

Monthly bullet journal stencil is perfect for making your own agenda. You can design your agenda to be the way you want it to be and keep organized Being organized as a mom is so hard but it is so important. You can organize household bills, daily activities, back to school, and homeschooling tasks.








Bullet Journal Banners and Dividers Stencils

Bullet Journal Supplies

Here you will find incredible leather bullet journal covers, notebooks, and pens. Everything to get your bullet journal journey started and stylish.

Blue Floral Journal

Floral bullet journal leather cover.







Leather Wrap Around Journal

Leather wrap around bullet journal. Refillable and personable. The perfect christmas gift










Dot Bullet Journal Chinese Design 

Pens and Markers Perfect for Designing the Perfect Bullet Journal



Bullet Journal Stickers for Fast Designing

How Do I use my Bullet Journal

The most recent thing I have used my bullet journal for is part of my 30 days to declutter email series as a way to track the bags I have gotten rid of.

Need to declutter? Check out my post and sign up for some great tips and help along the way

I also use my bullet journal to keep track of the days… to be honest as a stay at home mom I find it to be very difficult to remember what day is what as they all blend together. It probably doesn’t help that Luke works over nights and so he is no help in the days or dates!

I also use it to track play dates and when I baby sit other kids so I can see at a glance what that looks like.

I am starting to plan out and organize one for next years garden as well as canning planning since I just fell in love with canning this year and am so excited to do it again next year!

How will you use your bullet journal? Do you have one already? Will you need more than one?





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  1. I love my bullet journals! I have just started up another one to track weight loss. 😊

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC!

    1. becomingschultz says:

      I feel like I need one for everything lol

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