Why Should You Spend Quality Time With Your Children Everyday

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I come from a family of 4 kids where I am the oldest. It was always special when we got one on one time with mom but it happened maybe once every 2 months and I just always knew I wanted to do it more often than that.

Those days my mom would pick something she knew we would really like and we would get a meal and just talk. It was such a cherished time and I wish we had more days like that.

It made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered and in that moment I was so important and felt so amazing… I mean I’m pushing 30 (shhh) and I can still remember the way I felt when I was 10 and got to do something alone with my mom.

Why Should You Spend Quality Time With Your Children Everyday

When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby when Adella was only 10 months I felt so bad for her. I knew what it was like being the oldest and having extra pressure put on you, and having to grow up a bit faster. I told myself I would make sure she got her own special time and that she could pick what we did on that day.

Now that Adella is 2.5 years old you can tell when she feels she needs more attention. I don’t know about your kids but Adella acts out and climbs all over me till she decides she has gotten enough attention whether good or bad. It quickly frustrates myself and Lucas, but how can you blame her all she wants is more love or maybe a quick tickle.

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Taking the time each day to just pay attention to each child individually can make all the difference in their attitude. One on one time is so important to help your child feel loved and important. #momadvice #parenting

What do we do during our bonding time?

When Delta was about 6 months old and could handle being away from me for more than 30 minutes without a complete meltdown I started just taking Adella with me to go get groceries while Lucas stayed home with Delta. It was incredible how much her attitude improved and how well she behaved when we were together just one on one.

Then Lucas tried to leave with just her and she had a bit of a meltdown not wanting to leave mommy and sissy and so we waited and tried again in a few weeks. They recently went to a train show and she had so much fun! We can thank Polar Express for her love of trains, Ha ha.

Update: Adella now loves going with Luke even if it is just to the store for something quick or going to see her grandpa. It is her moment to shine!!! I also make sure to give her that time every day even if it is just making food while Delta is napping. It is something she loves to do and I love to do it with her! Plus she is learning from cooking!

What we do often for our one on one time

Now that Adella is 3 we have gone to the movies a few times. She loves popcorn so that was a big win for her and she loves a good movie. We did have to leave once because I told her we were going to something fun and she was set on going to “the blue Culver’s” and well that is not what I had planned and it was still what she wanted to do.

So we left and went to Culver’s and got some chicken strips and french fries. It was still so much fun! We love to go to eat when it is just her and I because it is less stressful then when Delta is with us!

We also love to play Candy Land! I think Adella could play it all day long! Some days we just eat a “special treat” usually popcorn and watch a movie while Delta is taking a nap.

Whatever Adella feels like doing that day, we do!

What to do with your kids during bonding time?

  • Movies
  • Dinner
  • Craft
  • A fun activity they would love
  • A hike
  • Go outside
  • Bake together
  • Play a game

Just be in the moment and enjoy the time with your child.


Delta is only 10 months old but she is starting to enjoy our alone time more too! When we are home she takes advantage of playing the some of Adella’s favorite toys and I take advantage of teacher her some new things with out having a toddler constantly yelling I can do it too mom. So, I guess this one on one time is good for us as parents too.

I was so amazed with how much I struggled with one kids and then two weeks into having two kids I realized oh man one kid was so easy! Like why didn’t I take advantage of doing more stuff when there was only one kid? I can’t be the only right? I soak up those hours of entertaining one kid in the manor that I know they like best!

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Benefits of spending time with your child

  • It is fun
  • Gives you the time to get to know your kid one on one (they change so fast)
  • By asking them what they want to do you learn what they find fun
  • Great bonding time
  • The attitude difference is incredible

When you take that time each day to just focus on your child they feel important and understood. A quick 10 minutes twice a day have such a change on your child’s attitude no matter how old the are.

Helping your child’s self esteem and self worth are important for social and emotion development. We want nothing more but for our children to be happy and healthy but are we taking the steps to ensure it happens?

Seriously, if you don’t do it you need to get some one on one time with each of your children! You both will benefit and it is so much fun! You get to learn more about your child when there are no distractions and it is so stress relieving for everyone.

I have been watching some Positive Parenting videos and the very first tool was one on one time! How incredible is that? I was doing something great for both my child and myself!!!

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What fun things do you do when you have one on one time with your child?

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  1. One on one time is so important. I completely agree. It doesn’t have to be anything bug, actually small things are sometimes better. Then they remember the time together and not just the big activity. Rachel from

    1. becomingschultz says:

      Yes! My daughter and I cook just her and I almost every day when the littlest takes a nap. It is so fun and she asks to do it daily!

  2. Love this, so important to find the time!

    1. becomingschultz says:

      It turns our days around!

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