Unique Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers

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Will we ever be able to go outside and play? As I watch the weather I’m so excited to see 60 degree weather, but of course with that comes those lovely April showers. Each and every day we have rain in the forecast! I’m slowly running out of ways to distract my very active 2 year old Adella and she is starting to act out!

So I became determined to find random activities to do inside that would keep her entertained that wasn’t crafts or baking, because lets face it I can’t keep eating and hope to be beach ready. So here are a few inside toddler activities that wore her out and killed some time without making me fat or leaving my table covered in crafts that would just end up in the trash… you don’t keep all the crafts, right?

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Unique Rainy Day Activites

Ball of paper and a straw

Seriously, she loved this one and was so excited to show Lucas when he got home. I simply balled up an old coupon insert and gave her a straw. We took to the hallway and I showed her that if you blow in the straw at the paper it would roll down the hallway.

She was slithering like a snake trying to get that paper to move it was so funny to watch. She of course realized that if she just hit the paper it went much farther and at a faster pace. So I sat in front of her and we play some straw hockey.

She was full of belly laughs and was trying to get the paper ball past me. Besides the obvious giggles and fun she is working on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Push a Laundry Basket

This is always a hit my household! Adella loves when I push her around the house from the bedroom to the washer and back. I put her to work and have her run laundry back and forth and she thinks its the funniest. I now use a laundry basket when I’m cleaning up the house and we just pile everything in to the basket and then push it around the room or the house to put everything away.

It makes cleaning a bit more fun and keeps her using her muscles and doing a heavy work activity to burn some energy off. She also has to maneuver the basket around objects and walls so she’s using her little brain. These help her develop gross motor skills and problem solving skills all of which are key to your child’s development.

Rainy days with toddlers can be so hard especially if they are active toddlers. Inside toddler activities that not only burn energy but also help build gross motor and fine motor skills are what I have compiled here. These heavy work activities are perfect for those busy toddlers who just need to run. mom advice,


Marble run

We bought a plastic marble run last year and I’ll be honest we have never put a marble in it. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t put it to good use!

We have used it as a bath toy, put kix down it and our fair share of peas, and even took it outside and poured water down it, but those marbles with little ones make me nervous! So yesterday we had the marble run out and Adella was putting pieces together and Delta was banging the plastic on the floor and I was trying to decide what else we could do with this when Adella figured it out for me!

The girl took all the straight piece and put them together and they stood taller than her, but she said it was her bat, and then a fishing pole.

Sometimes I forget that her imagination lets these items be much more than my brain will let me see and letting her take the reigns showed me that! She was using fine motor skills, her imagination, and some incredible engineering skills. I just love all this learning through play!

For only $30 you can get an incredible marble run for years of entertainment and learning.


Couch cushions

Another one of our favorite heavy work activities and perfect for wearing those high energy toddlers out before bedtime. Have your child take down the couch cushions and make them in a line, square, or just random. Then you can run on them, jump from one to another, or leap like frogs. Then you guys can push them around or lift them to rearrange them.

My oldest seriously loves it, and the one year old gets in to it too. Not to mention it is great for gross motor skills and problem solving. Adella was so insistent on the cushions being perfectly lined up but they are not all square so she was really developing some new skills and the next time she was able to get them lined up much faster.

Our couches are also really fun to jump on when the cushions are off as we have discovered!

Screen free inside play

There are so many ways to entertain a child without TV but sometimes it is so hard to find something new that will challenge them and be fun! I hope you gained a few new ideas and I would love to hear your favorite activities to with your toddlers!

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