Why I Snuggle My Baby For Naps

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Why I Snuggle My Baby For Naps

You know how every parent looks forward to nap time, some want to clean in peace and some just want to sit and relax! I can remember when I was pregnant with Adella and I told myself I would be laying her in her crib and that was going to be my time to clean and do my college school work, but she had other ideas.

Adella was a very needy child and required lots of skin on skin time and nursed all day long. Adella was a month old and I thought okay maybe we can try laying her down, maybe I can get something done. It just didn’t work for us, and it was stressing me out. My house was a mess and Lucas was working long hours and all I wanted was for him to come home to a clean house and food!

I am doing the most important “chore”

One day I was upset crying to Lucas about how lazy I felt, how nothing was done and that I was slacking. He said “what are you talking about? You nurse Adella all day, you are comforting her, and you are her everything.” I thought about what he said, and you know what he was right.

I was doing something and it was the most important task. I was everything to Adella and by snuggling her for her naps and nursing her all day I was letting her know I will be here for you always.

To me that became my number one priority and up until she was about 20 months old I snuggled with her and nursed her to sleep everyday. It was so nice to have that down time when I was pregnant and we got to enjoy all the one on one time we could get before there was another baby.

snuggle for naps

Snuggling after having two kids

Then Delta was born and I knew without a doubt that we would snuggle for her naps. We did skin on skin all 3 of us for every nap and for most of the day. We were bonding and it was so important for me to have them both there with me and I believe if they could tell you they would agree.

Delta is now 10 months old and we still snuggle for her naps as our one on one time while Adella sleeps in bed for her naps. It is so nice to have this time with Delta because we usually play for a little bit before she is ready to fall asleep and then she gets mommy to herself.

I can’t say enough how nice it is to feel that Delta isn’t getting the short end of stick by being the second child. She still gets that mommy snuggle that Adella got and loved so much.

Benefits of snuggling for naps

I discovered some other benefits of snuggling naps too! Those naps where we snuggle last longer! Adella will nap 3 hours if I am right there, but in bed she only sleeps an hour, and Delta will sleep maybe 30 minutes in the car but will nap for 2 hours if we are snuggling!

I also take nap time as my time to catch up on a show, write a blog post, pin on Pinterest, or crochet. I find this down time of baby snuggles to be relaxing for me and its important for my own mental health to get that peace.

Do you like to snuggle for naps? How does it work for you?

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  1. Crystal D says:

    Love your tips! All so very important!

  2. I’m currently breastfeeding a 3-month-old and you are so right when you say sometimes you feel like you’ve done nothing all day but in reality, you’ve been doing the most important thing all day. I have to remind myself of this when my house is a mess and I feel like I got nothing accomplished. I love snuggling my baby for naps too. They grow up so fast, just trying to enjoy it while I can!

    1. becomingschultz says:

      It is so hard when society tells us we need to do it all. You are doing what is important and that is growing your sweet baby.

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