6 Earth Day Activities for Kids

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Toddler Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is April 22nd and it is the perfect day to talk to your kids about our planet and how we can help protect it and its creatures. Even the the littlest ones can participate and at least play. Here are 6 easy ways to involve your children in Earth Day.

1: Go on a nature walk

Take the kids on a nature walk in a local park, hiking trail, or just in the back yard. Make the walk even more fun and do a nature treasure hunt. You can find printable list or draw one of your own. Some ideas of what to put on your list: Leaves, Stick, Rock, Bug, Bird, Flower, Squirrel.

Talk about how different all of these things feel and which is the heaviest. You can talk about different types of trees and different types of homes animals live in.  It will be so fun that they won’t even realize just how much they are learning! You can even collect items and make a picture with nature.

2: Clean up a ditch or park

If you live some where that has ditches talk the kids and a garbage bag and clean up some trash. If a ditch is not an option go to a park or even a parking lot and clean up the trash. Talk to your kids about littering and why it is so important to clean up your trash. Explain to them how easy it is to just throw your trash in the garbage and not on the ground.

3: Recycle

After you pick up the trash, or even with your own, talk about recycling. Have your child sort the glass, cans, and paper. We can not get recycling pick up here where we leave but we have a recycle drop off in a town not to far from us that we take ours to.

Explain what is done with the items that are recycled and find some items in your house or at the store that are made with recycled goods. Recycle some of your own items! Do some crafts with toilet paper rolls, make puppets with old socks, or donate some items instead of throwing them away.

4: Sensory bins

Sensory bins are a great resource for the younger kids! You can put anything in to a bin and let them play away and explore different textures. Some great ideas for earth day are: dirt with shovels and animals, water (you can add blue dye) with animals and sand, or start the recycling talk and do paper and cardboard.

5: Plant something

I know we rent so we don’t have the option to plant a tree, but we will be planting some flowers and getting ready to plant our garden! So even if it has to be in a pot plant something!!! You can do flowers, herbs, or vegetables in pots if you do not have the space to plant something outside!

If you don’t like having plants around you can still teach your child how it works and just give the pot to a neighbor or take it to church or a nursing home and gift it to someone.

6: Find a local event

I live in a small town and the city closest to us is hosting an Earth Day event thanks to the Audubon Society. They will have art in nature, worm composting, a bird exhibit, and a zen nature walk.

If you do not have the time to set something up it is very likely that some where near by is an Earth Day event of some sort and your kids would love to check out something new! Mine are a little young to be in to most of it but we will go check out the worms and do a craft then get in some play time at park.

In Conclusion

It is our duty to teach our children how to care for or planet. It should always be taught but if you need a place to start Earth Day is the perfect day to start taking care of our only planet. Our children will have to be here on this planet long after we are gone.

What does your family plan on doing for Earth day, or what have you done in the past?

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